VORTICE MEDITERRANEO keeps half of Italy in check, still NUBIFRAGI «3B Meteo

VORTICE MEDITERRANEO keeps half of Italy in check, still NUBIFRAGI «3B Meteo
VORTICE MEDITERRANEO keeps half of Italy in check, still NUBIFRAGI «3B Meteo

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Mediterranean vortex holds half of Italy in check

BAD WEATHER ON THE ISLANDS. The cyclonic circulation that has persisted for days on the western Mediterranean continues to determine conditions of frequent instability in Italy with bad weather that particularly affects the Major Islands. In fact, during the night and in the morning, rains and sometimes intense thunderstorms involved the Sardinia, especially the eastern one (60mm from midnight to Costa Rei) but also western Sicily, here mainly affecting the southern sectors of the region with 30mm of rain falling on Nisseno and Agrigentino, peaks up to 65mm on the lower Trapani area (Partanna and Tre Fontane).

IT RAINS ALSO IN THE NORTHWEST, STRONG WINDS. Some rain generally of low intensity has also wet the Northwest in the last few hours, but peaks of 20-25mm have been reached in the Apennine sector between Piedmont and Liguria. Elsewhere irregular clouds but overall dry climate, except for some weak phenomena close to the Marche and Abruzzo massifs. The strong winds that blow in a circular direction around the Mediterranean vortex are worth noting, of Tramontana sul Ligure (gusts up to 60-80km / h between Savonese and Genovese) and of Scirocco sul Tirreno and Ionio with very rough seas or sometimes rough to the west of the country, also very rough the west Ligurian coast.

NEXT HOURS. The situation will improve over the course of the day on Sardinia, albeit with still the risk of showers and thunderstorms on the eastern sectors of the island, while it will worsen again from the afternoon-evening on the middle Tyrrhenian side with some rising rain on Lazio and Tuscany, which locally it may take on a stormy nature. Storm risk on Sicily, especially between Nisseno, Agrigento and Trapani. Finally, ample bright spells were expected on the Triveneto but also on part of the southern peninsula.

Italy weather forecast for next few hours

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