League not invited to the Rdc cabin? Forgetfulness that amazes

November 10, 2021 12:56 PM

On the Maneuver, the leader of the Northern League launches his proposals: “Tax cuts and flat tax. And I will also ask Draghi for a booth on income”

The meeting was attended by Stefano Patuanelli (M5s) and the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando (Pd). The owner of the Economy, Daniele Franco, was absent. Also present were the head of the Pa Renato Brunetta and some members of the Mef.

“I will propose tax cuts and flat taxes”

Salvini then spoke about the next maneuver. “In the Senate I will be the first signatory of proposals, on which I will ask for the support of the center-right and beyond, I think that from the basin of the 9 billion of income we can take money against the crafty ones. Then tax cuts, flat taxes, many young people and women “. “Embarrassing not finding money for autism,” he added.

“Dragon cabin on Rdc tricks?” The Northern League leader has returned to attack the Citizenship Income. “I will ask President Draghi if after the control room on the superbonus in construction there will also be time for a booth on the sly citizenship income that emerge by the hundreds, we let the world make fun of us. Other than the slys of the superbonus, we must also give ourselves a priority on the ladder of cunning “.


League invited Rdc cabin Forgetfulness amazes

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