what it is and why it is also celebrated in Italy

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are just a few days away, but already fromNovember 11th you can start shopping with the Single Day, an Asian recurrence, Chinese to be precise, which is gradually starting to take hold also in Italy, driven above all by the commercial aspects that often characterize these anniversaries.

Ma what is the Single Day and what is yours origin? It is a festival born in the East, also known by the term 11/11, which is opposed to Valentine’s Day, since it is dedicated to single people and to the positive aspects of their sentimental status which is also characterized by strong symbolic meanings, such as the chosen date. So let’s see how to celebrate and why is it so important?

Single Day: what it is and how it is celebrated

Track down the real origin of this celebration is not at all easy, but it seems that the idea of ​​the Single Day was born from two students of Nanjing, a well-known Chinese city, which they decided to celebrate being single, taking into consideration all the positives. In Chinese culture the belief of having to have a partner in order to build a family is very rooted, people who choose to remain single for a long time are therefore not welcomed by society. The idea of ​​the two students, however, was very popular, and began to spread especially among their peers, so much so that in a short time it also reached other universities and more and more people began to celebrate it.

L’apotheosis of singles party is reached in 2009, When Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant turned it into one day to devote to shopping, just like Black Friday. Since then, all singles in China have started giving themselves a gift on this day or buying something for their friends or other people, regardless of their sentimental status. Also there choice of date (11/11) it is not accidental, the Single Day, or the day of the double 11, is also known as the “Party of the 1 solitary”, precisely due to the presence of only the number 1 on the date.

Single Day 2021 in Italia

But how did the singles party fly from the Dragon up in Italy and throughout the West? On the push of the notoriety offered by Alibaba, one of the most important companies in the world in the sale of electronic products, it is easy to imagine that other Western companies have wanted emulate it, above all for the economic and commercial implications that this holiday has had and the turnover that every year manages to generate.

In a short time then the Single Day it began to spread to more and more Western states, and other well-known ones joined Alibaba international brands, such as Adidas, Acer, MediaWorld and Huawei, but also Sephora, Douglas and Unieuro. Last year, Chiara Ferragni, the well-known Italian digital entrepreneur, also took part in a digital event to promote this anniversary organized by Alibaba.

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