the third dose can protect us 10 years. Surprise at Agorà – Time

the third dose can protect us 10 years. Surprise at Agorà – Time
the third dose can protect us 10 years. Surprise at Agorà – Time

Will the third dose of the Covid vaccine protect the recipient for another 5-10 years? To drop the bomb while discussing the possible extension of the vaccine booster to all age groups is the immunologist Sergio Abrignani, a member of the CTS, who spoke on Wednesday 10 November in Agorà, the program conducted by Luisella Costamagna on Rai3.

“Third dose at all, even under 60 years? It is not an extraordinary decision, in the world of vaccinology the third dose separated from the first two, for people who have never seen a certain microorganism, is the norm. Our immune system like in this case, he may need this stimulation to trigger a long-term memory that allows him to make other reminders no earlier than 5-10 years ”, the expert explained to Corriere della Sera.

“It’s great news, I was ready to get the vaccine every year and it won’t be like that”, exults Alessandro Cecchi Paone, one of the guests of the program. “It could” underlines the presenter. But what does Abrignani say? “The flu vaccine changes every year because the virus changes.” For Covid, however, even if “the Delta variant is much more widespread – explains the immunologist – we have seen that vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain remain very effective” in protecting against infection but above all from the worst conditions of the disease ” , i.e. ending up in intensive care or death.

In short, the third dose could protect us for years, but “worst-case scenarios” are not excluded in which a new variant can change the cards, is Abrignani’s reasoning.

The thesis by the professor of general pathology at the University of Milan and a member of the technical-scientific committee that supports Mario Draghi’s government on the choices to combat the pandemic is causing a heated debate. “The data on the efficacy of the sera deny it” attacks Maurizio Belpietro on Twitter, relaunching the opinion of the German expert Alexander Kekulé that “a third or 50% of vaccinated people are vehicles for infection”.

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