The idea of ​​the Super Green pass for vaccinated and cured: “Like the 2G rule in Austria”

A Super Green pass for vaccinated and cured. Like the 2G rule in force in Austria. And which provides for the attendance of bars, hotels and restaurants only for the vaccinated and a masked lockdown for the No vax. The South Tyrolean governor Arno Kompatscher launched the idea yesterday. The norms are named after the initials of the German words Geimpft (vaccinated) and Genessen (cured). “We asked Rome to allow benefits for the vaccinated, as already happens in some European countries with the 2-G rule (vaccinated or cured, ed.)”, Kompatscher said yesterday, specifying that “we are in the midst of the fourth wave” . While the councilor for health Thomas Widmann. Kompatscher renewed the appeal to citizens to respect the anti-Covid rules that “are often forgotten”, highlighting that the number of hospitalizations in the last three weeks has more than tripled. “An increase in intensive care is also likely,” he added.

Italy and the new Vienna rules

The new Vienna rules have been in effect since 8 November. And they foresee that those who have not received the vaccine or are not cured of Covid-19 will no longer be able to set foot in bars and restaurants, attend public nightlife places, access hotels, sports facilities, ski facilities, cultural events, visit relatives or friends in hospitals and retirement homes. He will also be excluded from organized leisure time initiatives and events with more than 25 people. The squeeze has a transition phase of four weeks, during which you will be able to receive the first dose and the tampon. Furthermore, the Ffp2 mask is once again mandatory in shops, museums and libraries. In Italy, the councilor of the Ministry of Health Walter Ricciardi has proposed in recent days to stop the Green pass for those who only swab.

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