Coronavirus today. Macron: third mandatory dose in France to keep the green pass


Vaccino, patent dispute between Moderna and Nih

Arm wrestling between Moderna and National Institutes of Health (Nih) over who deserves credit for having invented the central component of the anti Covid vaccine produced by the American company thanks to the collaboration of one of the largest research centers in the world. A conflict, explains The New York Times, which could have far-reaching implications for the long-term distribution of the vaccine itself and future billionaire profits. Moderna has applied for the patent but does not want to mention the names of three scientists from the Nih vaccine research center in his application, claiming they did not co-invent the component in question.

The US agency instead insists, recalling that John R. Mascola, director of the center, Barney S. Graham, now retired, and Kizzmekia S. Corbett, now at Harvard, have worked with the Moderna scientists to design the genetic sequence that causes the vaccine to produce an immune response. If their names were also included, the federal government could have its say on the plants in which to produce the vaccine, thus influencing the choice of countries to which to give access. Not to mention that it would secure the right to license the technology. If the parties do not agree within the patent period, the government will have to decide whether to go to court, a battle that could be lengthy and costly. This is after Moderna received nearly $ 10 billion in federal funds to develop the vaccine.


Coronavirus today Macron mandatory dose France green pass

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