Eitan, international arrest warrant for grandfather and his driver

November 10, 2021 8:29 AM

The investigating judge of Pavia signed the ordinance that will travel to Israel: “A premeditated strategic plan has been made”. A US contractor agency also appears

As the Corriere della Sera, the precautionary custody order signed by the judge for preliminary investigations and transmitted to the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office will travel to Israel, where a judge has returned the child to his paternal aunt, and to the whole of the EU. According to investigators, the action of the two was accomplished with “paramilitary and intelligence techniques“.

The reconstruction – The investigators have thus reconstructed the story. On 11 September Shmuel Peleg, retired lieutenant colonel in the Israeli army and consultant to a telecommunications company, takes the child away from the house in Travacò Siccomario (in the province of Pavia) at around 11:30 am where he lived with the family of the aunt Aya, to whom he had been entrusted after the tragedy of the cable car, in which Eitan lost his parents, brother and great-grandparents. In that case the meeting between maternal grandfather and grandson was authorized, but in August the judge had forbidden that Eitan could be taken out of Italy without Aya’s consent, also forcing the grandfather to return the Israeli passport of his grandson, who dual nationality. At 11:26 am Peleg takes Eitan into a Golf that he rented the day before at Malpensa airport and where the driver Alon is also located. At that point the journey to Switzerland begins. Once they arrive at the Chiasso border, they are not checked. The ban on expatriation had indeed been issued, but to the Swiss it was not “visible” due to a technical problem. The two are then stopped at around 2:10 pm by the Swiss cantonal police near the Lugano-Agno airport, but they make them continue. Go ahead even at the airport. The three embark on a Cessna 680 of the German company Aronwest coming from Hanover rented for 42 thousand euros which at 15:00 takes off for Tel Aviv and will continue to Cyprus.


Eitan international arrest warrant grandfather driver

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