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The mayors of Lombardy against Letizia Moratti’s health reform

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The mayors of the main Lombard cities lash out against the health reform of Lombardy, in the approval phase. And, more generally, they also ask the State for the possibility of intervening in the new territorial planning of community homes and hospitals and in the organization of the network of social and health assistants.

The Lombardy Region is about to approve a sort of revision of the health law wanted by the former governor Roberto Maroni and developed by the current governor Attilio Fontana. The experimental law of Lombardy in fact showed a series of gaps during the pandemic period.

First of all, the weakness of the network family doctors, which only minimally adhered to the so-called “taking charge” of frail patients, that is, the chronic with long-term illnesses to be monitored without hospitalization. The result has been that for years hospitals have been besieged by both “acute” and chronic subjects – sacrificing the latter -, a fact that, moreover, during the health emergency has amplified the circulation of the virus.

Therefore, as requested by the NRP, nearby homes and hospitals will be built. In Lombardy there will be 203 homes, 60 hospitals, in addition to 101 territorial operational centers. For healthcare construction they will be available until 2024 1.350 billion.

Too little for the mayors from Milan Giuseppe Sala, of Bergamo Giorgio Gori, of Brescia Emilio Del Bono, of Cremona Gianluca Galimberti, of Lecco Mauro Gattinoni, of Varese Davide Galimberti, of Mantua Mattia Palazz i . For them – who represent the center-left administrations that oppose the center-right of Lombardy – it is necessary to invest more resources because “the Region must also make resources available from its budget”, and “even the Local societies to decide where and how to build the new structures, however too few compared to the real needs “.


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