Alitalia, the call to sell the Millemiglia is ready: here is who may be interested

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The sale is about to go off. The commissioners of Alitalia have already prepared the tender for the sale of the MilleMiglia, the airline’s passenger loyalty program that ceased flights on October 14th. Publication is expected to be forthcoming, according to sources close to the operation. The MilleMiglia could have a new owner by the end of the year.

The EU has banned the transfer to Ita

It all stems from the fact that the EU Commission, when it authorized the procedure for the birth of Ita, which received a public recapitalization from the Mef (720 million euros already paid, with the aim of reaching 1.35 billion by 2023 ), prohibited the transfer of the MilleMiglia to the new company, on the basis of the principle of «economic discontinuity». In the program, which is contained within the Alitalia Loyalty company, there is a list of 6.2 million customers, even if the frequent flyers who used it would be just over a million. According to Brussels, having access to this database would be an advantage for Ita. So all the “frequent flyers” who had accumulated miles credits to get free tickets could no longer claim them. They have to wait for a new owner of the business to enter into commercial agreements with companies, including Ita, who says he is available.

Air France-KLM wants to continue the collaboration

Therefore the commissioners Giuseppe Leogrande, Gabriele Fava and Daniele Santosuosso must sell 100% of Loyalty Spa, the company created in 2015 when the agreement was made with Etihad Airways, the Arabs of Abu Dhabi. Who may be interested in buying the MilleMiglia? The main interested party could be another airline, especially if it intends to enter into agreements with Ita, which is considered the “new Alitalia”, albeit much smaller, 52 aircraft, less than half of the previous fleet, and 2,800 employees compared to to over 10 thousand of Alitalia. At the end of September the CEO of Air France-KLM, Ben Smith, said the group is interested in continuing the collaboration with Alitalia and MilleMiglia. This does not mean that Air France intends to buy the program.

I fondi e American Express

Other potential stakeholders are financial groups or private equity funds. American Express, the credit card multinational, is also named. Amex had agreements with Alitalia and there was a specific credit card resulting from the collaboration between the two companies. There is no confirmation from American Expresso of an intention to purchase Loyalty.

The agreement with

Meanwhile, Alitalia Loyalty has made an agreement with the online travel agency to revive the MilleMiglia and allow those with credits to purchase tickets. From November 2nd, miles can be converted into vouchers, which can be used to get free airline tickets or flight + hotel packages sold on this site. If the miles are not enough, you will have to supplement by paying. Flights can be of any company. The company announced that “thanks to the new partnerships for members of the MilleMiglia Program, it is possible to purchase on flights from over 400 airlines to more than 200 countries around the world, 1.5 million accommodation facilities globally, 150 hotel chains ». According to the flights offered on with Alitalia miles it will also be possible to purchase flights from Ryanair, easyJet, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, of the major American companies. And also of Ita.

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