“No more demonstrations, they will be banned”

“No more demonstrations, they will be banned”
“No more demonstrations, they will be banned”

Here comes the close against the No Green pass demonstrations. «From tomorrow they will be parades are prohibited, and this applies to all manifestations, not just those ‘no vax’. To continue like this every weekend, after 15 weekends, with the cities that are brought to their knees by all kinds of protests. It is okay to demonstrate but when we witness scenes like some of those we have seen … ».

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He says this to Rai Radio1, guest of Un Giorno da Pecora, on Undersecretary of the Interior and exponent of the 5 Star Movement Carlo Sibilia. In case the rules are not respected and the procession is made, “the manifestation will stop because it would violate the law. In that case there are the police forces ». Static manifestations, such as sit-ins, can also be dangerous for infections. In these cases “they must keep your distance and wear a mask where there are gatherings “.

Some might complain that preventing marches is one limitation of freedom. “We are a 15 weeks in a row of processions with situations that result in the news every day, creating problems for public safety. I hope – Sibilia concluded – they are momentary and circumscribed measures».

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