it is the Occhiuto, Mangialavori, Cannizzaro axis that dictates the agenda. League ever weaker

it is the Occhiuto, Mangialavori, Cannizzaro axis that dictates the agenda. League ever weaker
it is the Occhiuto, Mangialavori, Cannizzaro axis that dictates the agenda. League ever weaker

The definition of the regional council on the part of the president confirms what we have been writing for some time: the center-right in Calabria, after the regional elections of 3 and 4 October, has only one leader: Roberto Occhiuto.

The blue decision-making of Occhiuto

The new administrative season of Calabria starts under the banner of political decision-making in a blue sauce. A few months ago, our prediction, well in advance, that the Lega-Fi ticket would be blown with the lliquidation of Nino Spirlì, was greeted by skepticism and a loud laugh from the former acting president of the Region, posted on your facebook profile. We are not interested in the vain expression, “We told you”, nor are we interested in raging on the political disasters of the comedian of Taurianova lent to politics. By training, political and editorial sensitivity we do not belong to the culture of Fabrizio Maramaldo who killed Captain Ferrucci helpless, wounded and immobile and, therefore, we will not be furious with Nino Spirlì who found himself playing a role, for which, right from the start, he appeared inadequate. If anything, as political notists we note the political responsibility of the one who indicated Spirlì in that role: Matteo Salvini. For that inadequacy of Spirlì, the Lega and Salvini himself, in Calabria, have paid a political and electoral price.

The new council and the weakness of the Carroccio

From the composition of the regional council, for those who know how to read politics, in fact, various elements emerge that confirm this reasoning of ours. I try to outline some of them. The first is the radical downsizing of the political weight of the leader of the Northern League in this region. Salvini had invested heavily in Calabria, and his ambitions were no mystery to anyone: aiming for a good electoral result and acting as a political “counterweight” to the power of the future governor of the region, the blue Occhiuto. Missed goals. Today the league risks political irrelevance. The Northern League leader got the wrong legs with which to make the project he aspired to walk and today it pays the consequences. In fact, there is no doubt that the mistake of betting on the wrong horse for the ticket with Occhiuto contributed to the modest electoral result.

According to some rumors, the days for the formation of the regional council were tiring for the leader of the Northern League, both internally and in negotiations with the new president and the rest of the allies. On the domestic front, he had to collect the veto in Spirlì by the elected regional councilors, who opposed the revival of any role in the council for the former deputy of the deceased Santelli. The other difficulty, quite evident, was determined by the fact that the Carroccio, in Calabria, in recent months, it failed to build a credible and alternative leadership to the former FF of the region. In Via Bellerio, obviously someone overestimated the electoral and political weight of the former FF president. An almost fatal mistake. The mismanagement of the regional council, the errors, the social gaffe of the political exponent of Taurianova, turned out to be a not insignificant political and electoral gap for the League.

Giorgia Meloni’s diktat: two departments or let’s go to the opposition

In this context of the overall weakening of the Carroccio, the negotiation conducted by Roberto Occhiuto for the composition of the regional council was child’s play. The new governor would have liked to solve everything with a councilorship each for the three main parties but, on this point, had to register the request of two departments claimed by FdI. An insurmountable boulder for the blue leader, also because Meloni herself had let the Governor know that the alternative to their request would have been the placement of FdI in the opposition. In the end it was the Carroccio who gave up (initially the Lega also asked for two seats in the council) falling back on the Presidency of the Regional Council. So far, the dynamics of the composition of the regional council.

The Occhiuto-Mangialavori-Cannizzaro axis

There is no doubt that in addition to the President, it was Forza Italia who won across the board. Occhiuto got it right on the “soft” vice president with the appointment of Giusy Princi, who, however, represents the strong axis with Ciccio Cannizzaro, the forc lawmaker who controls the city of the Strait. Equally strong and consolidated is the relationship with Senator Giuseppe Mangialavori, who brings home the external commissioner Rosario Varì. Result: Forza Italia in addition to the president brings home 3 councilors, to which another technician will have to be added that Occhiuto has reserved the right to appoint in the next few hours. What emerges clearly is the new political balance that will dictate the agenda of Calabria in the coming months, a “triangular” made up of Occhiuto, Mangialavori and Cannizzaro.

The real loser is the old Catanzaro center-right

This new political and power framework of the center right pays off plastic the great defeat of the old power axis of the Catanzaro center-right. A defeat that also burns on the electoral level. Mangialavori, in fact, not only elected Comito on Vibo but also the Fedele on Catanzaro. Unthinkable until recently, that sacred monsters of Catanzaro power like Relative, Tallini, Baldo Esposito they would perish in the field of their own territory. The expectations of Sergio Abramo also disappointed, who had espoused the electoral cause of Coraggio Italia and made no secret of the ambition to win a place in the regional council. The ship led by Roberto Occhiuto, therefore, has set sail. On the horizon, however, the first pitfalls are glimpsed, such as the possible decadence of the new regional councilors Comito and Fedele who could once again change the political geography inside the center-right in Palazzo Campanella. But that could be another story.

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