first case in 30 years

first case in 30 years
first case in 30 years

A shark attacked a French tourist in Brazil in the city of Ubatuba, an important tourist center on the coast of the State of Sao Paulo. It is the first case in 30 years in the seaside resort. The victim of the attack was bitten in the arm as she plunged into the waters of Lambeiro beach, but did not report major complications. Shark expert Otto Bismark Gadig of Sao Paulo State University confirmed that the injuries sustained by the tourist are attributable to a shark.

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Oceanographer Hugo Gallo Neto, director of the Ubatuba Aquarium, pointed out that this region is frequented by sharks, but it is the first time in 30 years that an attack has been recorded. The presence of aggressive sharks towards humans is instead quite common in the Brazilian north-east, especially on the beaches of Pernambuco. Meanwhile, experts from the Univali Oceanographic Museum have confirmed the detection of 23 sharks on the beaches of Camboriù, in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Animals were spotted in the area between August and the last week of October this year.

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