set up protection and surveillance zones –

set up protection and surveillance zones –
set up protection and surveillance zones –

Detected the presence of the avian influenza virus in a farm in Ostia Antica. All are immediately taken necessary measures for containment as otherwise provided for by the extraordinary provisions contained in a specific document order by the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, on the proposal of the councilor for Health, and communicated to the municipalities of Rome and Fiumicino.

The case was discovered, explains the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, thanks to the checks carried out following the occurrence of a abnormal mortality in bird samples in a non-commercial poultry farming in the ASL Roma 3 . The report subsequently drawn up byZooprophylactic Institute confirmed theoccurrence of an outbreak of avian influenza of subtype H5 HPAI.

The result is an ordinance for theestablishment of a protection zone within 3 kilometers from the breeding and an area of surveillance with a radius of 10 kilometers which will remain in effect for at least 21 days. All farms must be verified. These are the urgent provisions: unless authorized by the veterinarian, entry and exit from a poultry farm prohibited, other captive birds or other domestic mammals; anyone who enters or leaves a farm must comply with appropriate biosecurity measures; all the carcasses of dead birds are destroyed immediately; i vehicles and the equipment used for the transport will have to undergo procedures of disinfestation; Transport of meat and fairs prohibited.

I am 35 small farms are involved which must comply with the order – concludes D’Amato -. The situation under control but there will be one in the next few hours task force that he will have to implement the strict measures of the ordinance to which there can be no exceptions.

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