The datamine reveals how to get some Legendary Pokémon in the Diamond and Pearl remakes

A few days after the arrival of Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are many leaks that have occurred in these hours, and just recently some users have managed to get their hands on game code and perform a complete datamine of the titles ILCA. Among the many curiosities that emerged, there are also the juicy news regarding the obtaining of some legendary in our second adventure in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains unofficially released information on Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl. If you don’t want to find out more about this topic, stop reading here.

According to what emerged from the

and from the experiences of those who have already received the game well in advance, we know that some legendary creatures they will be catchable in particular conditions and with exclusive tools. We are talking about special plates who have these names:

  • Kanto plate
  • Johto plate
  • Heart plate
  • Rainbow plate
  • Plate of the winds
  • Plate of the seas
  • Plate of the lands
  • Plate of the heavens
  • Gene plate
  • Plate of the beginnings
  • Distorted plate

From the descriptions of the tools, it emerges that these stone slabs have one very strong connection with particular rooms present in the Rosa Rugosa Park (Ramanas Park), a new area of ​​the Diamond and Pearl remakes where they are rumored to appear Legendary Pokémon. Apparently by inserting the stones inside the appropriate spaces in the corresponding rooms, the meeting with the legendary is assured.





To confirm this, the particular obtaining mechanics for Giratina had emerged the other day, which would appear inside one visually beautiful room, but what it is not the Distortion World at all in which we are used to meeting him. It will be present in the Rosa Rugosa Park a room for each slab, and presumably for each room-slab pair, a Legendary Pokémon will appear in Diamond and Pearl.

The slabs can be obtained by digging into the Great Undergrounds of Sinnoh, so it won’t be easy to collect them all.


datamine reveals Legendary Pokémon Diamond Pearl remakes

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