Doctors without the third dose, the Lazio Region: will be suspended

Doctors without the third dose, the Lazio Region: will be suspended
Doctors without the third dose, the Lazio Region: will be suspended

There are no discounts, on the contrary. In a pandemic context where Sars-Cov-2 has returned to circulate with insistence, vaccination becomes the most immediate – and effective – weapon to slow the curve. And the first to return to safety with the “booster” dose, or the third dose of the vaccine, are doctors, nurses and health care personnel. Against which, in the face of reluctance or delays, the Lazio Region will not accept any justifications.


“We are ready to suspend all those who refuse the recall – explains the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato – we will apply the same rules already implemented in the first cycle, during the first and second administration”. And this is because the white coats and all the staff who work in hospitals as well as in clinics “have a moral duty to get vaccinated,” concludes the commissioner. A hard line in substance that is also remarked by the Order of Doctors of Rome and its province: “In our territory – explains President Antonio Magi – the staff is carrying out the recall but it is true that there are some who, how to say, are taking time and this clearly cannot happen ». Also due to the fact that all those who have closed the first cycle starting to get vaccinated since last December 27th technically no longer have the coverage. At the end of 2020, white coats were the first, together with the over 80s, to receive the vaccine against the effects of Sars-Cov-2, and considering the maximum coverage time (6 months), many professionals are now discovered. Yet they operate in very sensitive contexts, such as hospitals and clinics, they come into contact with all kinds of sick people, frail people and even patients who tested positive for Covid – the ordinary wards are filling up again – and it is for this reason therefore that the Region does not will accept or bear hesitation. The third dose is currently not mandatory for health personnel but it seems that the government is “working to change the conditions”, concludes the president of the Magi Order. Reason why the Region is ready to suspend all those who technically refuse the third dose.

The trend of infections even in the face of fluctuating numbers continues to grow. It seemed that in the last weekend between Saturday and Monday the data on new cases had dropped but it was a figure distorted by the reduction in tampons.

The hospitalizations

Indeed, yesterday compared to the previous day, with a resumption of antigenic and molecular tests, the positives started to rise again. In the whole Region there were 773 new cases (324 more on Monday). And if the death rate remains unchanged (12 people missing in the last 24, eight of these were not vaccinated while the other 4 had not completed their cycle) hospitalizations continue to increase. The number of patients occupying a bed in the ordinary wards reached 523 (13 more than the previous day); a week ago there were 407 patients. If growth remains steady by Christmas, the scenario could indeed be worrying. It is no coincidence that the hospitals have entered a new phase by returning to set up other beds for Covid patients. Again: even the index on intensive care occupations does not bode well as, even without new entries in the last 24 hours, the figure remains at 61 patients, or three more than on November 2 and nine more on 9 October.

The children

In the meantime, the Region is always preparing the procedures for vaccinating children from 5 to 11 years of age, so far exempt from the immunization process. The go-ahead is expected from the scientific bodies and the government but the crisis unit is already working with pediatricians: «The organizational machine – explains D’Amato – has been set in motion. Obviously we are awaiting official information but 15 dedicated centers are planned for Rome open in the afternoon and on weekends to encourage maximum participation and the same will happen in the provinces “.


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