School, the single entrance time can be done …

School, the single entrance time can be done …
School, the single entrance time can be done …

Viterbo – According to the data presented this morning in the prefecture by Cotral and the region during the meeting with the students

by Daniele Camilli

Viterbo – “High school, the single entrance time can be done”. No more two shifts, as has happened so far, and for almost a year now, but only one. At 8 in the morning. On the part of Cotral and the region, there is a willingness to increase the number of places. All in compliance with the anti Covid legislation which provides for a capacity inside the buses that does not exceed 80% of the available seats. However, it is necessary to take into account the bureaucratic times and the possible variables that could intervene during construction. One above all. The increase in infections and the return from head to twelve.

This is the path started this morning by the Cotral discussion table, region, superintendency, schools and students wanted by the prefect Giovanni Bruno immediately after the demonstration a few days ago that brought more than 500 students to the town square in Viterbo.

Viterbo – Some students who attended the table in the prefecture

At the table, together with the prefect there were also the president of the province Pietro Nocchi, Nicola Passanisi of the Lazio region, Tonia Petrarolo of Cotral and the school supervisor. In front of them the representatives of the institute of the high school students. With them also some professors who are also part of the school councils.

The request of the students. “The double entry shift at 8 and 10 in the morning and the consequent double exit shift must be eliminated because they have created enormous inconvenience for students in terms of study time, free time and effort”. With these times, due to the emergency, several students are forced to get up at dawn to return home late at night. Starting in the dark and then returning when it gets dark. Like a worker who works on a construction site miles away from his home.

A discomfort which, as a professor pointed out, “also directly concerns the institutes. There are some schools that have to continually postpone colleges to decide what projects to do. Projects that can be easily programmed with just one shift. With two shifts, as is the case now, no. Because it is difficult to get students to participate when some come and go at a certain time and others at other times “.

Viterbo – The table in the prefecture on the single timetable

The starting point. The willingness of Cotral and the region to increase seats on buses. An availability widely confirmed by both of them this morning. “We can increase the number of places – Passanisi and Petrarolo said – up to 1250 more. From the current 7 thousand to 8250 in a single time slot, the one that goes from 7 to 8, without exceeding the threshold of 80% of the capacity. All with an overall increase of 14% that will cost us one million and 200 thousand euros. Considering that there are about 8,000 high school students in Tuscia, with this intervention we will be able to ensure all children the opportunity to take the bus and go to school “.

The only thing that cannot be fully evaluated is the number of commuter workers who take the means. “A figure that at present – said the representatives of the region and Cotral – we cannot calculate”. Notwithstanding the fact that, as the students have pointed out by many, the number of commuter workers who take the buses during the time of entry and exit from school would be very few. In some countries even zero.

Viterbo – The table in the prefecture on the single timetable

A plan, the one presented by Cotral, which found positive feedback from student representatives who, however, asked for certain times for the implementation of the new timetables.

“The boys appreciated Cotral’s proposal – said Nocchi -. The data tell us that this is feasible, however, taking into account the progress of the pandemic and its possible return as happened last year. For the rest, Cotral has shown that there is the possibility of returning to the single time ”.

“The well-being of the students – underlined those of the board – comes first. And there is no doubt that for all the difficulties linked to our territory there has been an overall deterioration in the ability of students to feel good at school so far “.

Viterbo – Cotral, region and province

The path for the return to the single entrance. “By next Monday – concluded the prefect Bruno, taking into account the bureaucratic times that emerged during the work of the table this morning – the superintendent will receive the times of entry and exit from school by all the high schools of Tuscia. In all 18 for 28 complexes scattered throughout the province. Once the timetables have been received, the supervisor will send them to the Lazio region. At this point the prefecture will send a request to Cotral and the region asking them officially if the return to the single entry round is feasible or not. Cotral and the region will respond by presenting what has already been said this morning. At that point, as was said by the representatives of the region and Cotral, the new timetables will be prepared within 14 days. At that point, if everything is in order, the necessary guarantees are in place and the administrative procedures provided are in order, then I will sign the decree to return to the single entry shift “.

Estimated times? It is not yet known for sure. Doing two calculations, if everything goes smoothly, we could already return to the single shift as early as the beginning of December. If, on the other hand, bureaucratic and trade union problems should intervene, because Cotral will have to discuss the change of schedules also with the trade unions, then, also taking into account the Christmas holidays, it could be postponed to the new year. In the meantime, and in between, the government’s decision to continue or not with the green pass and emergency whose deadline is still set to date on December 31st of this year.

Daniele Camilli

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November 9, 2021

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