The Milan district without family doctors

Cold shower for the citizens of Muggiano, a district on the western outskirts of Milan that has over 3,000 inhabitants and – soon – no general practitioner. It seems absurd, yet, the retirement of the last two general practitioners remaining in service in the area has placed the citizens in a situation of extreme difficulty.

The pandemic has clearly highlighted the primary importance of local medicine, precisely in terms of prevention: the spread of covid-19 was a concrete example of how the lack of general practitioners and more generally of territorial assistance can be deleterious for our health system, but above all for citizens. Lombardy during the pandemic paid a very high price for the absence of a welfare network in the area, a price that citizens cannot and no longer have to pay.

“In Milan there are more than 200 general practitioners and this lack is evident above all in the suburbs: Barona, Giambellino, Baggio, Quartiere Olmi, Muggiano”, explains Rinaldi Giada, president of the Muggiano District Committee. “In the area from Baggio to Muggiano – he explains – there are many general practitioners and pediatricians who have retired in the last year who have not been replaced. The burden has thus fallen on the doctors already present in the area, which in the great part of the cases have seen an exponential increase in the number of patients in the space of a few months “.

It therefore happens that the few remaining doctors find themselves with an exorbitant number of patients and – despite the great strength of self-denial and service – are forced to make appointments after 10/15 days due to lack of time and space. It happens that the citizens of Muggiano find themselves forced to travel kilometers for a visit or to choose doctors outside their own district.

“We ask ATS Milan and the Lombardy Region to find an immediate solution”, continues Rinaldi Giada. “How is it possible to think that only 5 doctors manage the population of two districts, Olmi and Muggiano, which have a total of 13 thousand people? How is it possible to think that a doctor can follow with attention and care more than 2 thousand patients? they demand a clear and exhaustive answer that the Lombardy Region and Ats Milano can no longer continue to ignore. When we talk about Milan – concludes the president of the committee – we think of an inclusive city, but in reality the citizens of the suburbs are completely forgotten and penalized precisely with respect to a fundamental theme: health “.


Milan district family doctors

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