the truth about marriage to Delia, Soleil’s warning

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Adriana Volpe asks the actor about the divorce from his ex-wife, then Sorge issues an ultimatum to Duran after the new attack

Published on November 8, 2021

Also tonight at GF VIP 6 there has been talk of Alex Belli, Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge. Alfonso Signorini explored their relationship with questions, until he understood their intentions after Delia’s arrival in the House. The actor has agreed to limit himself, even if he doesn’t want to, while Soleil has been more determined to distance himself to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. In fact, she did not like that Duran blamed most of the blame on her and above all the words she used towards him. Suddenly, Adriana Volpe asked for clarification regarding the wedding of Alex Belli and Delia Duran: is it true or not?

Well the truth has come out. Alex and Delia aren’t really married, they are not by the law at least. La Volpe reminded the actor that it turns out still married to ex-wife Katarina. Alex did not deny, also because he could not, and explained:

“He had already signed all the papers, there was only to make an appointment to deposit the documents. Delia and I just made some wedding vows and a party to celebrate our love. We got married with our religious rite “

In short, Alex and Katarina at the moment are just separated, not divorced. They are on paper but they are not yet so for the law. After this parenthesis, Alfonso returned to talk about Delia and Soleil. He showed the two Vippons Delia’s words at Afternoon 5, the part in which he attacked the Sorge again and called it a “Cat more alive than dead”. At first Soleil kept the line of understanding, even if he did not like Duran’s new attack. “Maybe he should stop making certain accusations”, he stressed, not recognizing himself in the criticisms of the wife of Alex Belli. Or maybe it would be better to say companion.

Soleil understands the moment and the misunderstandings and therefore has decided to forgive Delia’s attack once again, after the one last week. She feels very hurt by the model’s words. Signorini gave the floor to Alex at this point, but after a while the other one took over because he had more to add. Soleil issued a warning to Delia Duran:

“One thing that sets me apart is consistency. If I had wanted a man I would have gone to get him, I wouldn’t hold back saying I want him. That said, it’s not my interest in Alex. So you should put an end to these accusations before I start taking it. “

After this new attack arrived from Afternoon 5, it cannot be excluded that a feeling of rivalry between Soleil and Delia. And this, to Big Brother Vip, can only lead to endless clashes and confrontations in the next episodes …

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