“Calhanoglu is the one doing the foul”

Many criticisms of the first penalty granted to Inter during the derby played last night. According to the former referee, the former Rossoneri is the first to commit the foul

A tasteless draw last night between Milan e Inter. 1-1 and one point on each side that little satisfies the two rival factions. The match, especially in the first half, was decided by the referees. Two penalties awarded to the Nerazzurri team in the first half hour.

Calhanoglu penalty (© LaPresse)

The first was born from an obvious and sensational error of Franck Kessie, who after having recovered the ball, did not immediately unload it to the closest teammate, but kept it between his feet, risking the snatch by the ex Calhanoglu. The Ivorian mistakenly took his opponent into the area, and after a confrontation he slipped his foot between his legs catapulting him to the ground.

The second one penalty it resulted from another glaring mistake, this time of Ballo-Toure. The Frenchman, instead of keeping an eye on the ball, focused his attention on the opponent, and after having almost lost it he kicked him in a slide. Well, if there are practically zero doubts about this episode, the same is not true for the first penalty.

In fact, according to many, it is first Calhanoglu to commit the foul on Kessie, and then the Ivorian on the Turk. Duties, referee on the pitch during the derby, had no doubts in granting the maximum punishment to the Nerazzurri, not consulting the screen of the WHERE.

A big mistake according to the former referee.

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Bergonzi: “Calhanoglu also entered strong on Kessie”

The former referee of Serie A, Mauro Bergonzi, was interviewed by 1 Station Radio and without delay he stated that there are several doubts about Kessie’s foul on Calhanoglu, which led to the penalty. In particular, Bergonzi declares that it is the Turk who commits the first foul.

His statement:

Duty, who is the best along with Orsato this season, has refereed fairly well. I say discreetly because the first penalty awarded to Inter left me with more than one doubt. A borderline situation, where surely Kessie has committed a great naivete, but also Calhanoglu has entered strong initially. Chronologically, perhaps, the foul of the Turk came first, and I would have expected a call to on-field-review ”.

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