Draghi until 2023- Corriere.it

Draghi until 2023- Corriere.it
Draghi until 2023- Corriere.it
from Marco Cremonesi and Giuseppe Alberto Falci

The leader of Forza Italia: “An important role for the premier even after”. Meanwhile, the candidates in the cities divide Lega and FdI

«I don’t comment. Surely if everyone launches their candidate regardless of the coalition, it is not a team game ». Matteo Salvini he is irritated by the Como affair, where the Brothers of Italy has already launched its own candidate, the former provincial councilor Stefano Molinari. And just while Silvio Berlusconi he relaunches the compactness of the center-right without subordination to the sovereigns by Forza Italia, but the discussion on next year’s administrative offices is ignited. Even if from Brothers of Italy Ignazio La Russa shrugs: “No rush, we haven’t started yet.”

Salvini speaks after a long meeting with the leaders of the Lega in Milan. And he relaunches his proposal on Sunday, the primary
: «Rather than arguing for months over guy and caio, where there is an agreement like in Monza, Lodi and Genoa, fine». Otherwise, “where there is no synthesis and there is more than one proposal, citizens are asked and then the candidate is the winner”. As Brothers of Italy, La Russa still replies: «We have the primaries in the party statute. Then there are cases of opportunity: sometimes they are useful, other times they are not useful. However, I am happy that this issue is starting to make its way across the center-right … ».

Silvio Berlusconi, in a meeting with the Italian regional coordinators, observes that in the last administrative offices, “in an overall result that was not positive for the center-right, the only candidates to win were the candidates with a profile like ours”. With thanks to Roberto Occhiuto (Calabria) and Roberto Dipiazza (Trieste). Then, the blue leader moves on to the national framework: “None of us imagines either to suffer the hegemony of our allies – who have never asked us for it – or, on the contrary, to build different or alternative alliances, outside the center-right , which would have no prospect and which would not be consistent with our history or with the needs of the country ”. A reassurance to the allies, always doubting the Knight’s will to build different majorities in perspective: “We are the first supporters of the Draghi government, which we really wanted and which must continue to govern until 2023, but we know that national unity is a temporary solution and that in the elections we will return to the traditional opposition between center-right and center-left. But we hope that Draghi will be able to play an important role even later ». In short, the elections will come at the natural end of the legislature. Incidentally, Berlusconi has also curried his executives: “You go too little on TV.” The territorial party has been relaunched by speaking of future “blue flag bearers” in the municipalities, as well as the liberal university at Villa Gernetto.

And the Quirinale? To his followers, Berlusconi would have said something like this: “I feel that my name is being mentioned, a candidacy that honors me but which I have not asked for and which I do not solicit in any way” and that it would still be “a demonstration of our centrality”. Just yesterday, from FdI Francesco Lollobrigida he explained that for the Colle “whatever the unitary choice of the center-right will be, FdI will respect it as soon as it is defined. And so if it is Berlusconi, our votes will not be lacking ». But after that election, observes the FdI group leader, the party’s main road is “that of voting, without subordinates”.

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