Green city in Italy, Alessandria at the bottom of the ranking

Green city in Italy, Alessandria at the bottom of the ranking
Green city in Italy, Alessandria at the bottom of the ranking

Reggio Emilia and Mantua on the podium of the greenest provinces, where Trento is confirmed first.

Palermo and Catania in the queue: in seven of the last ten places there are centers in the South, with the exception of Alessandria (102nd place out of 105) and Cosenza which rises to fourth place.

The general ranking, determined by the set of 18 indicators – explains Sole24 Ore in a note – confirms Trento at the top, second Reggio Emilia (climbed from fifth position and always in the lead in the cycle paths), third Mantua. In a top ten monopolized by medium and small northern cities, the only exception is Cosenza: fifth in 2018, it was eighth last year, but it has even become fourth in particular thanks to the first place for low number of accidents and purified water, the fourth for the pedestrian areas, the fifth for the diffusion of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems on public buildings and the ninth for cycling.

The top ten is closed by Treviso, ninth, and Ferrara tenth, leading the separate collection with 87.6% of separated waste. At the bottom of the list, there is the fourth last place of Alessandria (with two representatives of central Italy, Massa and Latina, 98 / a and 100 / a respectively) but seven of the last ten capitals belong to the South. Of these, five are Sicilians.

As for the large metropolitan cities, from 2016 to today, the report highlights Milan, the only one to have achieved improvements in all four areas: mobility, air, waste and cars. In particular, it is the only one, among the big cities, where the number of cars circulating per 100 inhabitants has decreased. Bologna stands out because it has more cycle paths: 12.4 linear meters per 100 inhabitants (+ 15%), Genoa for its low pollution, Palermo for the greatest growth (+ 12%) in recycling over the last six years.

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