Stop Green Pass for swabs, after Christmas only for vaccinated?

Stop Green Pass for swabs, after Christmas only for vaccinated?
Stop Green Pass for swabs, after Christmas only for vaccinated?

We come back to talk about the possibility of Green Pass for vaccinated only, in addition to the extension of the pass until June 2022. With the increase in infections due to the Delta variant and the beginning of the fourth wave in Europe that is of great concern, the issue of the pass is back in vogue only for those who have the vaccine and not for those who swab.

Green Pass only for vaccinated and recovered from Covid-19, this is what Ricciardi thinks

As he writes The Republic, it is Walter Ricciardi, councilor of the Ministry of Health, who makes this hypothesis based on the risk that between December and January the number of cases will increase again:

“If we do not increase the number of vaccinated with the first dose and if we do not give the third quickly we will have a strong recovery, more than what we see now. It will presumably take place between January and February. Certainly, however, mortality will be lower than that of the first major waves thanks to vaccines, which in any case will protect a little “

From January stop to the Green Certificate for those who swab?

Al Messenger, instead, he spoke of the need to give the pass only to the vaccinated, because so far the Green Certificate it worked, but with the arrival of the cold that forces people more to closed places, it would be important to review the rules giving it only to those who are vaccinated or cured of covid and no longer to those who swab:

“I am of the opinion, however, that the buffer is the weak point of the system. It does not ensure the protection and non-transmission of the virus, if not 30%. This is why access to public places or to work places should be limited only to those vaccinated with a Green pass, excluding the possibility for those with a valid tampon “

Meanwhile, it is increasingly likely that both the state of emergency and the Green Pass will be extended to 2022 precisely because we want to convince those 7.3 million Italians over 12 without vaccines to proceed to reach the 90% immunized share.

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Stop Green Pass swabs Christmas vaccinated

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