Necrophile killer abuses 100 corpses, including a 9-year-old girl and a centenarian

Necrophile killer abuses 100 corpses, including a 9-year-old girl and a centenarian
Necrophile killer abuses 100 corpses, including a 9-year-old girl and a centenarian

London – The “killer of the morgue”, as it was dubbed by the British media 67-year-old David Fuller admitted to raping and killing two young women more than 30 years ago, Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, in two separate assaults in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (southern England), and to have sexually abused at least 100 corpses in the morgues of two hospitals in the same county where he worked as an electrician. It emerged that he used the card provided by the NHS, the British health service, for access to hospital buildings, and thus was able to abuse his victims, and also photographed and filmed his criminal activity, cataloging the files in a period between 2008 and 2020.

Faced with the gravity of these crimes, Health Minister Sajid Javid announced in the House of Commons the initiation of an independent investigation in order to examine how this was possible for Fuller act undisturbed over a period of 12 years and with the aim of “identifying any areas where prompt action is required” and avoiding other similar cases. “I want to apologize to the friends and relatives of all the victims for the crimes that have been perpetrated in the NHS facilities and for the pain and suffering they are experiencing,” said Javid.

In December, the arrest for the murder of two women, 25-year-old Wendy Knell and 20-year-old Caroline Pierce, which occurred 37 years ago. Now, the shocking discovery that for years, while he worked like electrician in the morgues first of Kent and Sussex Hospital and then of Tunbridge Wells Hospital, in Great Britain, he sexually assaulted at least 100 female corpses. The youngest a nine-year-old girl, the oldest a hundred-year-old. David Fuller, 67, he admitted the accusations that were made against him and now, as Sky News reports, faces life imprisonment and to spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole. In his confession at Maidstone Crown Court,

Fuller said he filmed some of the assaults since 1989 with a small digital camera. 1,300 videos and CDs, 34,000 photographs and hundreds of hard and floppy disks containing what they described as idistressing images of sexual offenses. In all, there were 14 million images. Fuller had a key card with which he could enter all areas of hospitals, including morgues. He was described in court as a “sexual deviant who preyed on young women and derived sexual gratification from violating their corpses.”

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