Castellammare, a 5-month-old baby killed by the syncytial virus

Castellammare, a 5-month-old baby killed by the syncytial virus
Castellammare, a 5-month-old baby killed by the syncytial virus

twelve o’clock, November 8, 2021 – 7:42 PM

The child’s condition worsened in the morning. He had been intubated to be transferred to the Santobono but could not withstand the maneuvers. An investigation opened, body and medical records under seizure

from Gimmo Cuomo, correspondent

He did not make it. A 5-month-old baby died this morning at the San Leonardo hospital in Castellammare di Stabia. He was hospitalized in the pediatric ward following a syncytial virus infection that affects infants and very young patients with even lethal consequences. After the worsening of the symptoms, at first similar to those of a cold, last Saturday his parents had transferred him from the house in Pimonte to the Stabiese hospital. His health conditions immediately appeared severe: the infant child presented a severe form of dyspnea. But in the night between Sunday and Monday the situation worsened further. Hence the decision to transfer him to the Santobono hospital in Naples aboard an equipped ambulance. But during the intubation operation, necessary for the transport, the little one did not hold up and expired.

The primary: there is no cure

Confirmation of the increase in cases also comes from the head of Pediatrics of San Leonardo, Luigi Tarallo. The manager admits that in Italy there is indeed a resurgence of bronchiolitis. And he explains: Last winter, probably as a result of the lockdowns and the massive use of masks, the disease did not register significant numbers. The current surge is probably the consequence of the newfound socialization. The disease can also affect adults. But – reports the primary – over two years of age does not have a major impact on those who contract it, while below this age serious and even lethal consequences can occur. Currently 5 other newborns affected by the virus are hospitalized in the neonatology ward of the Stabia hospital, but their conditions are kept under control. There is no specific therapy against the disease: only a supportive therapy is used which aims to maintain vital parameters, concludes the head physician Tarallo.

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Castellammare #5monthold baby killed syncytial virus

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