Giro d’Italia 2022: here are the stages for sprinters. Negotiation for TV rights

Giro d’Italia 2022: here are the stages for sprinters. Negotiation for TV rights
Giro d’Italia 2022: here are the stages for sprinters. Negotiation for TV rights

The presentation in stages of the Giro d’Italia 2022 continues. After the Great Hungarian Start, RCS has published the routes of the five lowland hamlets that will turn on Italian soil. There will therefore be seven, adding 1 and 3 in Hungary, the stages reserved for fast wheels.

From Sicily to Veneto

In Sicily, where the Giro will disembark after the Magyar trip, the Catania-Messina (probably the fifth stage, 172 km, on 11 May), almost entirely flat with only the roughness of the Portella Mandrazzi before the dive on the Tyrrhenian coast: a stage that almost faithfully retraces the route of a fraction of 2020, the one arriving in Villafranca Tirrena.
The next day the caravan crosses the Strait and runs along the coast to Palmi-Scalea (192 km), with only one fourth-category GPM in Vibo Valentia and the arrival along the sea.
Almost a week of waiting for the sprinters until the very flat Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna-Reggio Emilia (201 km, 18 May), arrival already proposed in 2017 (then the stage started from Forlì, Gaviria won).
Two days later, stage 13 is the Sanremo-Cuneo (157 km): after the Colle di Nava it is all flat. The initial part of the leg, in reverse, was used for the Milan-Sanremo in 2020, when the municipalities of the Savona area refused due to Covid the transit of the race, then scheduled for 8 August.
Finally the 18th, the Borgo Valsugana-Treviso, 146 km long, on the Prosecco hills, with passage on the wall of Ca ‘del Poggio. It is likely, almost certain by now, that the Giro will end on May 29 with a time trial in Verona.

The negotiation with Rai for TV rights

On the other hand, the broadcaster that will broadcast the live broadcasts of the 21 stages is far from certain. The last negotiation had led Rai to win the rights for 2021 only: once that agreement has expired, the parties have returned to negotiate, but at the moment the distances still seem important. Around the corner is the possibility of a hijacking of the Giro on Discovery. Rai has been broadcasting the Corsa Rosa continuously since 1998. The lack of a secure network for 2022 has led RCS to the virtual and “staged” solution for the presentation of the race. Not exactly the best in life.

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