A "Strip the news" the Veline of records Shaila and Mikaela are back: quarantine for Giulia and Talisa – TGCOM

  1. The Shaila and Mikaela record-breaking Veline are back to “Striscia la Notizia”: quarantine for Giulia and TalisaTGCOM
  2. Striscia la Notizia, because the tissues Giulia and Talisa have been replacedDiLei
  3. To Striscia la Notizia Shaila and Mikaela return to replace Giulia and TalisaIsa and Chia
  4. Strip the news, Covid alarm: the protagonists changeInews24
  5. Striscia La Notizia: the tissues Giulia and Talisa in ‘fiduciary quarantine’. The ex Shaila and Mikaela returnDavideMaggio.it


quotStrip newsquot Veline records Shaila Mikaela quarantine Giulia Talisa TGCOM

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