the choice falls on you!

At GF Vip the Selassiè princesses divided the audience of the small screen and their choice fell right on her!

Al GF VIP, needless to say, it was undoubtedly the three Princess Selassiè.

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During the course of these weeks of stay in the most spied house in Italy, the sisters have taken part in numerous dynamics and have always lined up. Without ever being indifferent to what was happening within the walls of the most famous location in the beautiful country. For this reason we wanted to ask the network users who follow us on our social profiles who among them is the one that has won their heart the most and the results were not long in coming.

Ready to find out which of the three princesses Selassiè at the GF Vip has kidnapped the hearts of viewers?

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The Selassiè Princesses conquer the GF Vip, but the favorite is only you!

Before unveiling the complete ranking, it is good to make some clarifications. The first is that this ranking has been drawn up with the sole purpose of entertaining network users and does not in any way want to influence the opinion of network users or denigrate a particular character.

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The various positions have been drawn up by means of an average of positive and negative votes received and at the bottom of the article find not only the complete ranking but also the relative percentages. Having said that, let’s immediately find out the ranking of our network users.

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In the last place we find the most exuberant of the three princesses of the Big Brother Vip house. We are talking about Lulu Selassiè, who stood out during her career not only for her strong personality but also for her crush, if not better to say, falling in love with the swimmer Manuel Bortuzzo. At first he seemed to be rather reluctant about it, but over the course of the weeks it would seem that he let himself go, and not a little, towards her. Could it really be love?

In second place, however, we find Clarissa Selassiè. The more timid of the three sisters won the hearts of the public probably also because of her calmness. As she is the one who is least exposed. Consequently, in the first place there is the eldest, the voice on official occasions. She who is ready to defend her sisters at any cost. We are talking about Jessica Selassiè who won the gold medal in this all-social poll.

  1. Jessica Selassiè
  2. Clarissa Selassiè
  3. Lulu Selassiè

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