Ambiente, Verona in 69th place in Italy (it was 70th). Clash mayor -…

Ambiente, Verona in 69th place in Italy (it was 70th). Clash mayor -…
Ambiente, Verona in 69th place in Italy (it was 70th). Clash mayor -…

Verona is 69th out of 105 Italian provincial capitals, in the Urban Ecosystem 2021 ranking, the annual study carried out by Legambiente, Ambiente Italia and Il Sole 24 Ore which photographs environmental sustainability, referring to 2020 data. Compared to the previous year, Verona earns a position.

Slight improvement regarding trees in public areas (Verona is 27th) and ozone and Pm10 levels (from 84th to 81st place). 85th place in Verona with reference to the PM10 indicator (Venice is in 92nd place, Treviso at 91st, Rovigo at 90th and Padua at 96th).

For Michele Bertucco of Verona and the left in the Municipality «if we exclude the cities of the South, which make history in themselves, Verona stands out among the worst medium-large cities in the center-north for pollution; dispersion of the water network; purification efficiency. We continue to produce too much waste while our separate collection rate, nailed to 50%, has been surpassed even by a metropolis like Milan which is at 58% ».

And again: “As in the previous Tosi administrations, the Sboarina administration was also unable to give answers in terms of environmental policies with obvious consequences on the quality of life of the neighborhoods and citizens”.

For the mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina “The position of Verona is stable, like that of all the other provincial capitals”. And he attributes to Bertucco and the Democratic Party a «communicative dishonesty. “Stop” is only the political analysis capacity of the director Bertucco, who insists on not seeing the trend of improving air quality and above all that Verona is the best placed city for PM10 in the whole of Veneto, obviously excluding Belluno.

All in all we are satisfied. The data reward the work done in certain sectors, it being understood that as regards air quality and atmospheric pollution, any analysis cannot ignore the geographic position in which Verona is located ».

“Even a single position gained is significant of the concrete actions already implemented by this Administration,” adds the commissioner All.


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