Covid, lockdown for the unvaccinated? Figliuolo brakes: “We will use the weapon of persuasion” –

Foot on the accelerator for third doses, but no lockdown for the unvaccinated. At least for now. These are the indications that emerge from the visit to the Dirmei di Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for the vaccination plan.

Son dismisses the lockdown for the unvaccinated

Although not directly, the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency, has in fact dismissed the hypothesis of a tightening of the measures aimed at vaccinating people who have not yet vaccinated, such as targeted lockdowns: “I am still convinced that I have to use the weapon of persuasion, other measures are currently not foreseen, then what the Government will do later I am not able to say, but today we are approaching 90%, so I trust in the citizens”.

This is why, at least for the moment, efforts will focus on guaranteeing vaccination with the third dose to all sections of the population that will be deemed suitable: “We are able to keep the pace high, but the plan is flexible so if we have higher peaks we will do it in advance and we will be able to implement further points”Admitted Figliuolo.

Third doses, the general accelerates

And it is precisely on the question of third doses that Figliuolo specified: “Today we are going for age groups and health problems, we will continue like this but soon I will have meetings with Minister Speranza and the scientists to continue without delay with the third dose. We will progressively lower the age and in the coming days we will dissolve the reservations: the decision will be linked to the indications deriving from scientific evidence”.

Promoted by the Commissioner Piedmont, among the large regions the one with the best percentages in terms of administration. Despite positive numbers, the awareness that reaching 100% of the vaccinated is impossible exists, but this does not induce Figliuolo to change plans: “The vaccine does its part, together with the precautionary measures, and ensures that the system holds up because neither hospitalizations nor intensive care nor deaths increase. We must continue to trust“. A month and a half after the Christmas holidays, Figliuolo explained: “I hope Christmas can be good, continuing with the precautionary measures and with the third dose. This is my call: to speed up on the third doses”.

Cirio asks Figliuolo for the green light: “90% of Piedmontese covered by February”

Those who are clamoring to the government for permission to speed up third doses is Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont Region: “This is the question we asked Figliuolo. If the government authorizes us, we are able to secure between 87% and 90% of Piedmontese citizens with the third dose ”.

“We are convinced that the third dose is the completion of the armor that we want to give to all Piedmontese citizens. Today the engine is running, 81% of Piedmontese over 12 have been vaccinated. It is time not to stop, to broaden the vaccination faces for the third dose”Concluded the Governor.


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