too many bookings, site in tailspin. Invitalia postpones for 24 hours (to 9 November) –

too many bookings, site in tailspin. Invitalia postpones for 24 hours (to 9 November) –
too many bookings, site in tailspin. Invitalia postpones for 24 hours (to 9 November) –

Reservations will resume tomorrow, Tuesday 9 November, from 12 noon. what he announced Invitalia after the platform, dedicated specifically to booking the spa bonus, has undergone a tilt due to the high number of registered accesses since the beginning of its activity.

Only the spas must access

It was supposed to be today, November 8, the opening day for requests from the thermal institutions to obtain the 200 euro vouchers to be awarded to their customers. Questions came from over 500,000 citizens to obtain the spa bonus, the staff of the structures waited for 12 to proceed. But after only four minutes the system went down. The note sent by Invitalia reads: The platform was, as is known, intended exclusively for thermal institutions (about 500 in all) and, therefore, designed and tested on these numbers also considering a number up to ten times greater than competing users. The technicians immediately set to work to restore the platform and ensure regular access to the spas that can make reservations. Citizens are therefore invited not to attempt access to the site which remains reserved only for accredited spa institutions.

The measure is good, the platform is bad

Veneto is the region with the highest number of establishments accredited to the service at national level, having the largest spa district in Europe. The tilt of the platform can be an obstacle for the sector, as explained by the president of Federalberghi Veneto, Massimiliano Schiavon. The optimal measure – he commented -. The measure was very successful, and the whole category welcomed it with great favor, as well as our customers who once again confirmed the primacy of Veneto at European level as a spa center. The problem, however, is that if we entrust the opportunities to infrastructures that crash at the start of the procedure we are always full stop. The qualitative leap is not only in the introduction of measures that are clearly positive, but when the mechanisms work. Either we change the methods of access, or we make the infrastructures performant. And this is even more worrying in anticipation of what may happen with the cattribute 80%, if the same resource allocation system will be used according to the same priority criterion.

The structures overbooked

Given the situation, there are many spas which, being overbooked since they had offered the possibility to register and apply in the previous days, no longer collect the requests of citizens who intend to take advantage of the incentive. He denounces it Consumerismo No profit, a consumer association that in recent days had reported the flaws in the new bonus launched by the government. The procedure allowed citizens to submit the request for booking the bonus immediately after accreditation of the body on the Invitalia platform – explained the president Luigi Gabriele -. The decision has led the structures to collect requests for bonuses in recent weeks, with reservations that are closed today, so thousands of citizens today are left with a dry mouth.


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