Aurelio now sits in the opposition – Il Tempo

Aurelio now sits in the opposition – Il Tempo
Aurelio now sits in the opposition – Il Tempo

After the chaos in Ostia, there is still trouble for the Democratic Party in the XIII Town Hall. The protest rises from Aurelio’s territorial network in the Municipality, which presented itself in the last administrative elections with the support of Europa Verde and Roma Futura, in the center-left coalition that elected Mayor Roberto Gualtieri and president of Municipality XIII, Sabrina Giuseppetti.

“The Democratic Party has chosen to exclude Aurelio in Comune from the junta and therefore from the government of the territory. For this reason our advisers, Lorenzo Ianiro and Maristella Urru, will sit out of the majority. The results of these elections – explains a note from Aurelio in Municipality – they were clear. The Democratic Party lost 3 thousand votes and 3 points, compared to the already meager tally of 2016, while Aurelio in the Municipality has tripled his approval, establishing himself as the third list on the left in Rome and touching 5%, just 29 votes from the Civic List which also bears the name of the mayor. The councilors of Aic – concludes the note – will therefore sit in the opposition, but in a constructive way they will monitor the implementation of the program, without renouncing the support of those who shared and supported the their path and now hold positions of institutional responsibility both in the Executive and in the Capitoline Assembly “.

The break comes on the day when Sabrina Giuseppetti presents her council, made up of three women and three men, to the Council of the XIII Municipio. After the election of the president of the Chamber, Marcello Iacobelli, Giuseppetti announced the composition of the council, explaining: “This is the majority that will govern the Municpio and that will take responsibility for solving the many problems of our territories”. Responding to Aurelio in Comune, Giuseppetti added: “Those who have decided autonomously to withdraw from the majority only for reasons of proxies demonstrate that they do not have the public interest at heart”.

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Aurelio sits opposition Tempo

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