Lombardy free flu vaccine 2021: how to book and who can do it

Lombardy free flu vaccine 2021: how to book and who can do it
Lombardy free flu vaccine 2021: how to book and who can do it

Milan – The vaccination campaign flu shot in Lombardy. A very important step because for the season 2021/2022 according to experts the flu it could prove to be particularly powerful and insidious, especially for the more fragile categories. From October 28 The possibility has opened for over 65s to book an appointment for free vaccinations in one of the 76 vaccination centers and 57 other spaces that the ASSTs have identified. From November 4 the possibility was extended to people of all ages at risk because of a disease and pregnant women. From tomorrow, Tuesday 9 November, it will be up to children aged between 6 months and 6 years. Finally, from the November 15, green light to bookings for the other categories provided for by the ministerial circular. In the context of influenza vaccinations – has enforced the Region – General Practitioners and Free Choice Pediatricians are an important interlocutor in the promotion and implementation of the vaccination campaign. For doubts or clarifications, the doctor remains the professional to contact as a priority “is reiterated. Who, on the other hand, has to pay for the vaccine, Federfarma he assures that in the pharmacies that distribute the “state” anti-influenza to primary care doctors and pediatricians, doses for sale are already available. “In Lombardy the anti-flu campaign is proceeding well, with 353,798 doses already administered,” said the vice president and councilor for welfare of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti. “Of these – continues the councilor for Welfare – 309,646 were inoculated to citizens over 65. The doses of the flu vaccine administered only in the first week of November are 181,330. So, to date, it has been 22.3% of citizens vaccinated in 2020 with the flu shot, in the final balance of the anti-flu campaign “.

The categories for which the Flu vaccination is recommended and offered actively and free of charge are those indicated in special Circular of the Ministry of Health

  • Women who find themselves at the beginning of the epidemic season in pregnancy and in the “postpartum” period
  • Subjects suffering from diseases that increase the risk of complications from influenza
  • Subjects of age 65 or older
  • Children and adolescents under long-term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, at risk of Reye’s Syndrome in case of flu infection.
  • Individuals of any age hospitalized in long-term care facilities
  • Relatives and contacts(adults and children) of high-risk individualsof complications
  • Subjects employees of public services of primary collective interest(eg. Doctors and health personnel, police forces …);
  • Personnel who, for work reasons, is in contact with animals that could be a source of infectionfrom non-human influenza viruses.
  • Blood donors.

Influenza vaccination is also recommended in the age group 6 months – 6 years, also in order to reduce the circulation of the influenza virus between adults and the elderly.

In Lombardy, influenza vaccinations are administered:

  1. dai General Practitioners and Free Choice Pediatricians who adhere to the vaccination campaign. In this case it is advisable to check the terms of the offer with your doctor. The administrations by GPs / PLS started from the third week of October.
  2. at the Vaccination Centers of the ASSTs, at the Covid vaccination centers / hubs and other dedicated spaces,identified by the ASST also with the collaboration of the Municipalities. Reservation will be possible starting today through the dedicated platform for citizens over 65. Subsequently, the platform will be open to the other categories.

As explained in the dedicated section on the Lombardy Region website “the vaccine for children from 6 months to 6 years old it is guaranteed primarily by your Free Choice Pediatrician. People over 65, on the other hand, they must first contact their general practitioner, while subjects at risk for pathology they can ask for the administration of the vaccine, in addition to their GP, at the reference specialist centers and vaccination centers; Land pregnant women they must address as a priority to the ASSTs (counseling centers, maternal and child wards, etc.). Is always it is advisable to bring with you all the health documentation certifying belonging to the risk categories and help the doctor in assessing health conditions (e.g. exemption card, specialist visit, etc.). Healthcare professionals, public and private, they can get vaccinated at the facilities in which they operate. “Those who belong to these categories will in any case be able to book an appointment for the vaccine through the regional flu vaccine booking platform.

If you fall into the categories indicated (according to the established timing) you can book the flu vaccine in one of the vaccination centers. Just log on toThe site https://vaccinazioneantinfluenzale.regione.lombardia.it equipped with a health card and fill in the dedicated form. It’s possible book also through the call center at number 800.894. 545.

As mentioned, the pandemic has made the anti-flu campaign particularly important. “If you associate the flu with Covid, the ‘cocktail ‘becomes even more dangerous“. Entering the heart of the autumn-winter season,” we are also afraid of the risk of co-infections in children. Reason why the invitation is to carry out the flu vaccination that in many regions is offered free of charge in the 6 months-6 years range even to healthy children “, not just the most fragile ones.”It is an important opportunity to be able to seize ” he said Elena Bozzola, national secretary of the Italian Society of Pediatrics (Sip) and medical director of the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. “It is important to protect the little ones with what is available at the moment – added the expert -. This is why vaccination is also important among children and adolescents, it being understood that fortunately cases of flu among children are generally less complicated “.

Even this year, for children aged 2 to 6 an attenuated, quadrivalent live spray vaccine will be used: “a safe vaccine and easier to administer” explain from the Region.

“For the 2021/2022 flu season we have made available to citizens almost 2.8 million doses – said the Vice President and Councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti – thinking of an offer on the territory that was as widespread as possible. 6,200 offices of general practitioners were involved, 76 ASST vaccination centers / Covid hubs and 57 other dedicated spaces, identified by the ASSTs also with the collaboration of the Municipalities “.” The health emergency caused by the spread of Coronavirus – said Letizia Moratti – made it essential to strengthen the ability of the Health System to react quickly. In this context, influenza vaccination is an important ally and is essential for people at high risk of complications. “The Region also confirmed that the antiflu will continue to be offered together with the third dose of antiCovid to those who have the right between the over 60s and the “frail” for pathology that from 27 October they can book the booster booster six months after the last dose of anticoronavirus. “The epidemiological situation – added the vice president of the Lombardy Region – leads to the utmost caution. For this reason, I recommend, especially to the elderly population, to book for the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine and, at the same time, to accept the proposal for the flu vaccine” .

Meanwhile, the November 5 off the anti-flu vaccinations in Lombard pharmacies. The first immunizations have already started in the 250 establishments that at the moment have confirmed their availability, but the number is destined to grow in the coming weeks – assures Federfarma – when other pharmacists complete the training course organized by the Higher Institute of Health. The list of pharmacies where it is possible to receive the vaccination is available on the Federfarma Lombardia App ‘Farmacia Aperta’ and on the website www.farmacia-aperta.eu. Following the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government, Regions, Provinces, Federfarma and Assofarm, and the operational indications provided by the Lombardy Region – explains the association owners in a note – Lombard pharmacists can now inject the influenza vaccine to the population . An important benefit for citizens, which will make it possible to strengthen the proximity and timeliness of immunoprophylaxis services for the 2021-2022 season, helping to expand vaccination coverage. Considering that the public flu campaign has already started – specifies Federfarma Lombardia – for this year the community pharmacies will administer only the doses they have independently procured: therefore, solvent and adult citizens will be able to use the inoculation service, at the price of 6.16 euros plus the cost of the vaccine. The categories that are entitled to the free vaccine should instead contact their family doctor. For the administration of the flu vaccine in the pharmacy a medical prescription is not required (necessary only in case of simple purchase of the dose), but it is necessary to sign the informed consent and fill in the anamnestic form

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