the situation escalates, that’s where – Libero Quotidiano

the situation escalates, that’s where – Libero Quotidiano
the situation escalates, that’s where – Libero Quotidiano

The Mediterranean vortex it will hit Italy starting today and in the next few days of the week. As a result, there will be severe instability involving several regions. Many will also have to deal with particularly strong winds. The only territories that from Tuesday 9 November will be characterized by large spells are the northern ones, except – as reported 3B Meteo – densities that will engage the lower Po Valley with some light rain on lower Piedmont and sprinkles of snow on the Maritime Alps from 1500 meters.

More cloudy on the other hand in the regions of the central-southern peninsular with some more lightning on the Tyrrhenian side but also with some rain in the morning on Tuscany, Campania and Calabria. Still more unstable on the major islands, with showers and thunderstorms especially in Sardinia and possible storms on the Tyrrhenian side. On the major islands, showers and thunderstorms will continue on Wednesday 10th.

In the north, on the other hand, there will be thickening in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Val Padana, with light rains or snow sprinkles on the western Alps from 1600 meters. Finally, on Thursday 11th, there will be partial bright spells in the North, except for residual rains in the morning on western Piedmont and Ponente Ligure. Some light rain will arrive on Marche, Abruzzo, lower Tuscany and Lazio. Still unstable on the major islands, with heavy rains and thunderstorms during the day.

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situation escalates Libero Quotidiano

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