the streets are flooded. The stairs of the Flaminio station like the waterfalls

The extraordinary cleaning of Rome announced by Roberto Gualtieri on the manholes of Rome has not even begun and is already triggering controversy. The bad weather, for the third time in a few days, still shows the fragility of the city which, punctually, floods whenever it rains. To make matters worse, the leaves – between sidewalks and streets – and the manholes and drains still clogged.

This is the case of via Pietro Bembo where, in the XIII Town Hall, in the two hours of rain today a small geyser attracted the attention of motorists forced to deal with the water that was spit out of the manholes, leaving a broken down car. In via delle Isole Curzolane, in the III Municipality, a similar situation with leaves, mud and drains that do not drain the waters which, whenever it rains, causes flooding. Discomfort also on the viaduct of via Portuense.

Heavy rain on Saturday evening: flooded streets (and closed) and fallen trees

Fallen trees and flooded streets even on Wednesday

Also flooded via Pacinotti, height of Piazzale della Radio, via Romano Guerra, via Aurelia – at the height of via degli Aldobrandeschi -, via della Pineta Sacchetti, piazzale Gregorio VII, via Boccea, via Apricale and via Cassia, at the height of via Oriolo Roman.

In Ostia Flavio Vocaturo, secretary of the Democratic Party Ama, baton the newly installed president of the X Municipality Mario Falconi and the mayor Gualtieri, both of the same political color: “On the first day of the new municipal council, the X municipality is under water. of schools, hospitals, passages for the disabled and all majority points in the road arteries of our territory are held hostage by the high water. In the X Town Hall there are about 5000 manholes to be cleaned and maintained and there is no space for errors and inaction. I advise the new president of the 10th municipality Mario Falconi and the new councilor for the environment Valentina Prodon to put the competence in matters and make a concrete change. An emergency team for the territory is immediately needed to guarantee the interventions daily maintenance. I also recommend the constant relationship with the base and the workers in the sector otherwise, without this it will be difficult to give answers. and effective “.

Rain that also fell in the Flaminio area where, once again, the stairs of the subway stop of the same name turned into a waterfall, effectively flooding the airport.

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