a trevigiano among those reported

Trieste confirms itself as the hot front of the protests against the Green Pass. On Saturday 6 November, yet another procession was held, culminating in clashes between demonstrators and police. Some citizens who took to the streets in the Friulian capital against green certification went towards Piazza Unità, where they were rejected by the police in riot gear.

As reported by Trieste Prima, Saturday ended with about forty identified demonstrators. 18 were reported, including many demonstrators from Veneto and only 6 from Trieste. For all complained, the Julian Police Headquarters has issued mandatory street papers. The demonstrators are all between 30 and 50 years old, among them also a demonstrator from Treviso who, in addition to the expulsion order, will have to answer for the accusations of: resistance to a public official and unauthorized demonstration. The positions of other Venetian demonstrators involved in the march and clashes with the police are also being examined. New sanctions could come in the next few hours.


trevigiano among reported

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