“The vaccine? The fascist card gave more freedom. The suspension a liberation”

On the Cesena stage of ‘No Paura Day’ number 34, staged on Saturday 6 November, the Savignano doctor ‘no vax’ Gabriele Muratori, fresh from suspension, also found space for his decision not to get vaccinated. “I’ll tell you about my experience – the Savignanese general practitioner began – on October 28, 2021, exactly 99 years after Mussolini took office with the departure of the Fascist period, I was suspended from the order of doctors. I was one of the last to be suspended perhaps because I managed to do some legal ‘somersaults’ to delay the times as much as possible “.

“I don’t feel alone, I feel penalized – said Muratori – but I don’t feel guilty for not having observed the law. I made my choice, I had the time to make it and have doubts, I reflected a lot even thinking about my 1730 clients. What will happen to them? Which hands will they fall into? I had a deep relationship with them, the patients themselves recognized it, my patients were growing. For me the secret is listening, attention to people who have medical problems and more. Precisely because of this relationship with patients, made up of mutual esteem, I have reflected a lot, am I right not to vaccinate and get suspended? Or am I right to take a shot? “.

Muratori went on to illustrate his thought: “When you compare the vaccine to the fascism card I say that they are two different things, the fascist card allowed you access to everything but you could contest it in private, you could tear it up, you had a margin of freedom. A margin of freedom that in my opinion the vaccine does not give you, I prevaricated as much as possible and in the end I decided not to vaccinate also based on my medical situation “.

The suspension “is an abuse” according to the doctor from Savignano, “we risk losing a truly precious professionalism and humiliating many people who have no reason to be humiliated. We must react with a strategy in the field of legality, we cannot feel sorry for ourselves, they cannot stop us from working, our will is to help people who suffer. We must network, we health professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, obs) must also get together physically, we have been affected in our dignity as workers “. The no vax doctor closed his speech by defining the suspension as “a liberation from an apparatus of bureaucrats and harassers”.


vaccine fascist card gave freedom suspension liberation

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