Alfa Romeo Alfasud turns 50 and becomes a crazy electric

Besides being the best-selling Alfa Romeo ever (over 1 million and 17 thousand copies purchased), Alfasud turns 50 in 2022. Half a century of history for a car that divided the public. Appreciated by many, especially for the solutions that the three protagonists of the project were able to propose: Rudolf Hrushka, father of the Giulietta Sprint, together with Carlo Chiti, at the time at the head of Autodelta, the racing department of the Biscione, while a young man took care of the design Giorgetto Giugiaro. After 50 years, Alfasud becomes electric. Let’s see how.

Strengths and weaknesses

Before we get to the present, let’s review it. In 1972 Alfasud looks like a car containing some technical-mechanical solutions evolved for the time. On the other hand, however, the frequent strikes by the workers of Pomigliano d’Arco (the headquarters of the factory where the car was produced, in the province of Naples), combined with absenteeism and, in some cases, poor knowledge of the product automotive by some bring to light, very shortly after the launch, the first problems of the Alfasud: from poorly made assemblies to sheet metal oxidation or rust. This leads to serious damage to the image, and the model begins to be seen as a “loser”.

State-of-the-art for the time

Despite the problems, Alfasud stood out for its innovative solutions for the time it was presented. A two-volume, four-door sedan, practical and very spacious inside, powered by the first boxer in Alfa Romeo history, 4-cylinder and water-cooled, for 63 HP at 6,000 rpm (by no means few, let’s remember that we are at the beginning of the 70s). And then the introductory price, 1,420,000 read: the car of the families and the people, and still the most purchased today in the history of the brand. And again, the empathy he was able to arouse, so much so that he became co-star in the films of the greatest Italian actors, such as Carlo Verdone and Diego Abatantuono.

A new Alfasud

Have you ever seen an electric, four-wheel drive Alfa Romeo Alfasud from 1977? If you are thinking of some of the brand’s green projects, the answer is no. The idea came to‘British engineer Sean Fosberry, a great enthusiast of Italian cars and in particular of Alfa, who has decided to put his Alfasud back in hand. The car underwent several restorations, up to that of 2019, when Fosberry decided to turn it into an electric one, after realizing that there was enough space in the engine compartment. They want us 18 months to recover all the necessary pieces (which come from all over Europe) and to mount them. The new engine is a 132 volt Hyper 9 NetGain electric group, which delivers approximately 110 kW (148 Hp) and 200 Nm of torque. The technical equipment is included un controller AC-X1, 24 kWh battery modules (which were previously in a 2015 Nissan Leaf) charged with an Elcon TC 6.6 kW charger. Then, there is a Orion 2 Bms management system. The range is 60 miles, or 100 km.

Fosberry wanted to exaggerate, combining past and future. His Alfasud is electric, but it is also equipped with the transmission of an Alfa 33 4 × 4 from 1994, from which the A-pillars of the suspension, the ventilated front disc brakes and the rear axle (also with disc brakes) were also taken. To complete the project, the engineer spent about 10 thousand pounds, about 12 thousand euros. But we don’t know if it will continue with the changes and updates.

Electric Alfa Romeo Alfasud from 1977

The British engineer Sean Fosberry, a great lover of Italian cars and in particular of Alfa, has decided to refurbish his 1977 Alfasud. The car has undergone several restorations, up to that of 2019, the year in which Fosberry decided to transform it. in an electric, after realizing that there was enough space in the engine compartment

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