“Zaniolo and Pellegrini at home, the others are fine” LIVE

Archived the last round of Serie A, attention returns to the national team and the decisive double commitment to qualify for the World Cup: Roberto Mancini’s words at the press conference

After the derby between Milan e Inter who closed the twelfth round of Serie A, it’s time for the national team again. And for Italy the double commitment in the last two games of the group is decisive to say the least for the qualification to the team World Cup in Qatar 2022. Friday night at the Olimpico the direct clash and potential match point against Swiss, currently on a par with Azzurri in first place.

Roberto Mancini © Getty Images

For the coach Roberto Mancini many training unknowns, especially as regards the various injuries bequeathed by the last day of the championship. Bonucci, Chiellini and Stretcher, Besides Sticks, pilgrims e Zaniolo (also not at the top) keep the coach on his toes, who speaks at the press conference.

INJURED – “Zaniolo and Pellegrini are returning home, they are not well. For Barella we will evaluate again in the next few days, but it shouldn’t be anything serious. The others should be okay ”.

SUBSTITUTES – “We will definitely have to call two players. It wasn’t ready yet Pessina, but we are evaluating it ”.

YOUNG PEOPLE – “We have many good players, I don’t think we are caught in any department. Young people just need to play, in 6 or 12 months everything can change, only in this way can they improve and grow ”.

POBEGA AND FRATTESI –Escape he deserves to be here, he has done the whole Under process and has been doing very well for a long time. Frattesi already in the previous Under 21 he was reported ”.

SWISS – “With them always complicated races, I believe we will do better than in the first leg. But we cannot prepare this match with tension, it is an important appointment and we play a lot for it. Complicated week? That of the final was a bit more… ”.

PRATO OLYMPIC STADIUM – “We are keeping an eye on him but even after the rugby match he kept up well. It is important to play Roma for the support of the public, which was also fundamental during the European Championship “.

BELOTTI – “You can’t always be at the top, but when a player comes to the national team he always does something positive”.

TONALS – “The difference in form with Milan is not important. He has been here other times, he can do both the inside and the setter ”.

VICTORY AT EURO 2020 AND IN OTHER SPORTS – “I don’t know why it all happened together, maybe because of the vaccine… (laughs, ed). It is a moment in which we manage to achieve many goals. I think our victory has relieved everyone, bringing joy after so many difficulties ”.

WORLD – “What if I’m thinking about it? Let’s talk about it next Tuesday… “.

ZANIOLO – “He always has some problems unfortunately, we have to be careful. He was unlucky with two serious injuries. At the moment we can’t risk it. But he doesn’t need my advice, he has quality and he just needs to improve ”.

JUVENTUS –Locatelli, church e Bernardeschi I called them before, I’m not worried about the performance of the bianconeri, also because here they manage to do their best. Bonucci e Chiellini They are fine”.

IMMOBILE – “We missed it in Nations League, he is the best striker of the last 6-7 years and he will do very well if he plays, the same if he plays Belotti ”.

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