First Study on Piaf: tributo to Edith Piaf

Milano – Sunday 21 November 2021, at 21.00, al Circolo Arci Bellezza in Milan, a tribute concert to Edith Piad is scheduled First Study On Piaf with Clelia Cicero (you’re Corrado Caruana (gypsy chitarra).

Milano – Edith Piaf is not only an extraordinary voice linked to an era to be remembered with dreamy eyes: she represents the extraordinary communicative strength that singing has, especially when it is filtered by a soul capable of deep feelings. First Study on Piaf is a fun and intense concert, made up of a series of very different and instinctively chosen pieces, accompanied by the freshness of original arrangements in swing manouche style.

Milano – Tickets 8 euros, with Arci card and Green Pass (for info 02 58319492).

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Study Piaf tributo Edith Piaf

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