Yamaha MT-10 2022, here are the first official images

Yamaha MT-10 2022, here are the first official images
Yamaha MT-10 2022, here are the first official images

Out of the list for a year, the long-awaited MT-10 Euro 5 is ready for its debut. Only a few days ago we talked about the new one Yamaha MT-10 (here our test), hypernaked by the Iwata manufacturer that naturally derives from the Yamaha YZF-R1 superbike (read our test). We mentioned a renewal for 2022 and now some photos have “come out” from the web (we found them on a Facebook group dedicated to the model). We had thought of an aesthetic update, since the current model does not really have the family look of the current range, and in fact, as you can see from the photos, something has changed. Not only updates relating to power, weight and physical dimensions therefore.

Yamaha MT-10 2022: how it changes

The update affects both versions, both the base and the higher equipped MT-10SP (it will have electronically adjustable Öhlins). Instead, something changes to the engine for both, since for 2022 we always talk about the 998 cc “CP4” engine shared with the R1, but with higher powers. We don’t know if there will be any upgrades to the engine, but the exhaust system and silencers will be different. The result? From 118 kW (158.2 hp) to 122 kW (163.6 hp), with the peak power reaching the same 11,500 rpm. of the MT-10 currently for sale. The torque will also rise, passing from the current 111 Nm to 112 Nm (still peaking at 9,000 rpm). Naturally the bike will be “cleaner” in terms of emissions. Then there is a slight increase in the declared maximum speed, which will go from the current 244.62 km / h to 249.44 km / h. In this, in addition to the greater power, a different aerodynamics could affect.

In terms of design, the new Yamaha MT-10 also boasts TFT instrumentation. The new model then gains 5 mm in wheelbase (1405 mm against the previous 1400 mm) and the same number in overall length (from 2095 mm to 2100 mm). Then the height increases, which increases to 1165 mm (1110 mm today), but the documents also speak of a 1245 mm high version, probably due to a small windshield. It also increases the weight by 2 kg for both bikes, going from 210 kg (standard) and 212 kg (SP) to 212 kg and 214 kg respectively. We therefore await the official presentation by Yamaha.


Yamaha MT10 official images

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