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The princess has returned home after months in South Africa

Published on November 8, 2021

Princess Charlene of Monaco he returned to the Principality after months of being away. The journey that brought her home from Sud Africa it lasted about ten hours and took place at night. The flight landed at dawn, at theNice airport. This was reported by the social profiles of the royal family who celebrated the return of the wife of Albert of Monaco.

The family was waiting for Charlene. namely her husband and her two twin children, Jacques and Gabriella, who welcomed her with a gigantic bouquet of flowers. The four members had not met since August. International gossip has embroidered a lot on the family affair. Indeed, in the past few hours someone has even hypothesized one pregnancy for the 43-year-old.

The news of the alleged and unlikely sweet expectation of Charlene has been reported in these hours by some gossip sites citing the foreign press, in particular the German magazine Freizeit – Monat and LC News. As mentioned above, for the moment the news has not found a foundation or confirmation.

Other drafts of the gossip hit Palazzo Grimaldi. Drafts that literally infuriated Alberto. The prince is not a little angry with hers ex Nicole Coste. It is rumored that in recent months the woman has made false papers to gain more space and power in the family, trying to take advantage of Charlene’s absence.

Nicole had a son with Alberto, Alexander. Until last summer, the woman made confidentiality her password. However, since Alexander has come of age, he has been trying to fully insert it in Palazzo Grimaldi. In this context, the utterances issued by Coste to “Paris Match” should be read

“A bad stepmother”thundered Nicole referring to Charlene. A stance that made Alberto lose his temper, who defined the sentences of the former “inappropriate“. Not only. The prince lashed out at Coste for not having been notified of the interview. In fact, he read it when it was already published.

At Point de Vue magazine, Alberto told that Nicole had only warned him by telling him that “Something would have been published”. He was thinking of shots relating to his son Alexander’s 18th birthday never believing a frontal attack aimed at his wife Charlene. “I’m furious”, the prince commented.

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