Today’s Inter have a dark evil, Roma are victims of Mourinho’s chaos | News

Today’s Inter have a dark evil, Roma are victims of Mourinho’s chaos | News
Today’s Inter have a dark evil, Roma are victims of Mourinho’s chaos | News

Meanwhile, the leadership of Milan and Napoli is consolidated: but the Rossoneri have something more

From the logic of numbers, impossible to ignore. And therefore from the Serie A ranking it is clear how much the leadership of Milan and Naples is rightly shared in full respect of what they have been able to do in these 12 days. It is fair to ask, in anticipation of the African Cup of Nations, to what extent the future absences of Koulibaly, Osimhen e Anguissa on the one hand, of Kessie e Bennacer on the other. But history has taught us that when a team turns, when the group is cohesive, and when belief is stronger than any obstacle, absences weigh less and end up making substitutes responsible by multiplying their energies. Theirs and those of others called to demonstrate that they are able to move forward with their legs without slowing down.

Milan is confirming the goodness of a job – that of Pioli and the managers – which has been going on for about 24 months now. This season he has included elements that have made his technical rate rise overall, and is also trying new tactical strategies that sometimes make one think of volleyball rotations. But he has to live with doubts about Kessie’s future and the Ibrahimovic factor’s dependence on alternating current. The Swede is 40 years old and cannot have electricity and continuity from 22-year-old Osimhen. And so it’s up to Pioli to find – match by match – the right offensive formula, not having the so-called essential striker. How were Ronaldo (for Juve) or Lukaku (for Inter) last season.

Napoli are slightly below the Rossoneri in terms of game quality, but have a well-defined structure. He scores more or less as much as Milan but their defense is the best in the league. The two sisters travel at the same speed. But Pioli’s team had only two pit stops with Juve and Inter (which could also have been budgeted), while Spalletti’s team stopped in front of theoretically surmountable obstacles such as Rome and Verona.

The championship still has a lot to say and it has already told us a lot. On the two, but also on the apparent chronic inability of Inter to seal the matches that could be won with the result. And almost always against high-ranking teams. There are those who count by remembering the wrong penalties with Atalanta and Milan, or those who also bring up the one a little so agreed in the final at Juventus. But I would also add the matches with Real or Lazio, dominated for an hour and then bitterly lost in the final. But when you cling to the “ifs”, to what shouldn’t have happened and instead did, it means that there is a dark evil that needs to be treated and that, in the face of the repetitiveness of events, creeps into the players’ heads. . An evil that reappeared in the derby, but which also ruled how illogical the 7 points of difference appeared on the pitch. But there are. And it is also misleading to trigger the debate on the “result” of Conte’s Inter, and on the “play” of today’s.

Meanwhile, the championship is relaunching Atalanta, back in the top 4 and therefore in the midst of the Champions area that belongs to them. And Lazio that thanks to the goals of the usual Immobile and the transformation process of Luis Alberto – from finisher to fantasy midfielder – is finally putting into practice the dogmas of “sarrismo”. The two overcame Roma, a victim of the verbal but also tactical chaos triggered in recent times by Mourinho. He takes it out on everyone, with the squad not up to par, with players who miss goals, and obviously with the referees. But so far it has been able to show very little from an innovative point of view. Putting 4 or 5 attackers when you have to recover the result can work once (against Sassuolo), but it does not have to be the rule. In Venice he lost on the counterattack when, at 2-2, he wanted to win by completely unbalancing the team. And who is “special” of these elementary errors should not just commit.


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