“Because he said he was gay”, bomb on the grill – Libero Quotidiano

“Because he said he was gay”, bomb on the grill – Libero Quotidiano
“Because he said he was gay”, bomb on the grill – Libero Quotidiano

Vincenzo Spadafora came out. The deputy of the 5 Star Movement, guest of What’s the weather like on Rai 3 he decided to break the silence and reveal that he is homosexual. A statement made in the study of Fabio Fazio, where he promoted his book “Without reservations, in politics and in life”. Although many applauded the former minister, Maria Giovanna Maglie she says she is annoyed. “Vincenzo Spadafora, former minister and 5s deputy comes out from Fazio – it is the debut of his tweet -. Considerations are urgent: 1) he must sell the book in which he has already written it, 2) everyone knew it, especially in RAI, 3 ) finally, and simply, who cares “.

Yet it was Spadafora himself who explained the reasons for his revelation: “One reason – he admitted to Fazio – is very political, for testify my commitment politician, for all those who fight for their rights every day and have less chance to do so than I have thanks to my role. “But there is also a religious testimony:” I am a Catholic who believes much in one’s faith, it may seem contradictory but it is not at all. Homosexuality comes into politics also used to hurt, to hit the opponent, with a buzz that I wanted to turn off tonight. I hope to be considered for what I do, for what I am, and from tomorrow maybe I’ll be happier because I’ll feel freer “.

In recent days, the Democratic Party and the Five Stars have seen the collapse of the Zan bill. The law decree against homotransphobia suffered the so-called trap which got the go-ahead in the Senate classroom. So neither the articles nor the amendments were examined, forcing the bill to return to committee.

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