Covid Bologna beds, the Ausl asks private healthcare – Chronicle

Covid Bologna beds, the Ausl asks private healthcare – Chronicle
Covid Bologna beds, the Ausl asks private healthcare – Chronicle

Bologna, 8 November 2021 – The progression of Covid does not stop: others 119 new infections, of which 51 symptomatic and 31 cases derived from outbreaks. Unfortunately, there are others victims, two elderly, one of 74 years and one of 86. In the hospitals one more patient than the previous day, a total of 124 hospitalized.

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The control room

“We are considering options for extensions of beds in the public and accredited private sector – anticipates Giuliana Fabbri, director of the single hospital unit of the Ausl – and on Saturday we have already held a first meeting and another, inter-company, is scheduled today to check the weekend data. We will see how it goes the trend of hospitalizations, then it will be decided whether to proceed with any reconversions. What is evident is the difference with last year, when there was no vaccine. Who is immunized, when he enters the hospital he has milder symptoms, unless you suffer from other illnesses. ”The hospital managements have seen a steady increase admissions and the next few days will be decisive for the planning. Others arrived at the Ausl yesterday three requests of hospitalization, two from the Major’s emergency room and one from that of Bazzano.

Maggiore Hospital

I plans dedicated to Covid are two, the sixth and twelfth. “Our Covid point of reference is the sixth floor with the ordinary hospitalization, where at the moment there are 24 patients out of 30 beds available. Then in the critical area of ​​the twelfth floor, part of body D, we have five patients compared to 8 beds . And then out of six places for suspects, we have four patients – continues Fabbri -. We also continue to have 31 patients hospitalized in Santa Viola “.

At the Maggiore, in the short wing of the seventh floor, 18 beds have been activated “to dispose of the surgical lists of Urology and to manage orthopedic trauma, of which we record a new peak. We have 92 patients and 67 beds available and we are working at the metropolitan level to manage the trauma situation. The pandemic has a great impact on scheduling of activities which must be constantly monitored and flexible based on the trend of Covid “.

Sant’Orsola Polyclinic

There are 54 patients in ordinary hospitalization and 61 beds available. Andrea Zanoni, directs the Covid intensive care: “Between entrances and exits, since July we have always been around ten patients present. Age varies from 50 to 70 years old, with an average of around 60. Currently, out of 10 sufferers one is vaccinatedbut suffers from cardiovascular disease. We still have 4 free beds. Instead, hospitalizations in ordinary wards had dropped in mid-October and then went up again “.

Rizzoli Hospital

“In our hospital we have a ward for i suspected Covid that come from our emergency room, but at the moment there are none – explains Anselmo Campagna, general manager of Rizzoli -. However, if the occupancy of infected patient beds increases in other facilities, then we will make ourselves available to increase availability for trauma, as has happened in previous waves. “

The request to the IOP

“Ausl has asked us for availability for another 18 Covid beds in Santa Viola – specifies Averardo Orta, provincial president of Aiop -. For us this is a difficult decision, because we still have to deal with the severe crisis of the nursing staff and we feel the burden of managing Covid patients. “A outbreak. “It has already been suffocated – assures Orta – and positive patients have been transferred to the Covid ward”.

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