Prophylaxis under hypnosis to convince the undecided

Prophylaxis under hypnosis to convince the undecided
Prophylaxis under hypnosis to convince the undecided

In a trance to overcome the fear of the vaccine. In Switzerland, in order to convince citizens to undergo prophylaxis, the government is willing to do anything because “every vaccination counts”, as the motto of the national week of immunization against Covid19 which kicks off today. And therefore in addition to the multiplication of places and occasions in which the opportunity to get vaccinated is offered to convince the suspicious, the undecided and the frightened, prophylaxis under hypnosis is also offered.

From today you will be able to get vaccinated before following a concert, before leaving at the station, by bus, by tram and even on the Reno boat. But since for those who are afraid the place does not matter, we have come to propose hypnosis sessions. Method that, for example, is also used to quit smoking or lose weight.

In some cantons of eastern Switzerland where vaccination rates are among the lowest in the country, in addition to vaccine nights, various pop-up and walk-in centers, the more fearful will be offered the opportunity to undergo specialized doctors’ offices. short sessions of hypnosis in order to overcome emotional resistance to the vaccine.

The budget available for the initiative is around 100 million francs. It starts with an information event on Bern’s Federal Square. Personalities from sport, culture, economy and politics have lent their faces to the posters posted in the four corners of the country.

In various locations, those who decide to undergo immunization will be offered culinary specialties: coffee, berliner, chestnuts, vin chaud or spiced tea. Similarly to that of museums, a long night of the vaccine is also expected in numerous locations. In the canton of Lucerne there will be no need to even leave the house: families or groups of five or more people will be able to book a home vaccination team.

Free taxi transport to immunization centers is also offered. In Geneva, those who receive the first dose of the week will be able to participate in a lottery with surprise prizes.


Prophylaxis hypnosis convince undecided

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