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Time (T. Carmellini) – That it was going to be a season of suffering was clear from the start, because only the incurable optimists (of which the capital is full), could think that it would not be so. But there is a limit to everything, because against Venice Roma must win even without all the owners, only with the staff he had available yesterday: otherwise everything is worth it.

On the other hand, it ends badly in the lagoon and it could have been even worse. A goal taken after three minutes in the first lunge, with the hosts entering like blades in butter, then a reaction that seemed a good signal but it was only an illusion: yet another. First league goal of Shomurodov, then finally a play by a true striker of Abraham which in addition to taking “wood” returns to score after more than a month. In the middle that penalty granted to Venice that once again leaves a bad taste in the mouth, just when it seemed that the Giallorossi could close it there.

But nothing, Mourinho’s team paid for lack of concentration, the terrible condition of many owners and above all the lack of malice and balance, he could go home with a positive sign for the future but in the end he lost it again for a series. endless reasons: and that 3-2 is also close to Venice stopped in the final by Rui Patricio and a crossbar.

First: poIs it possible that a striker paid for forty-five million has such a low average of goals scored in proportion to the chances that happen between his feet? Yesterday he scored, but missed at least three others… easy. Too!

According to: what is the real value of the Giallorossi defense? Because if that’s what we saw yesterday, the market was wrong. Yes, Smalling may have been a hiccup and it can happen, but the others are really funny: everyone. Embarassing.

Third: did it really make sense to hire a manager like Mourinho if you weren’t ready to buy the right players to allow him to make the leap? Which, among other things, the Portuguese never ceases to emphasize at every opportunity.

Fourth: is it possible that there will never be an arbitration episode in favor of Roma? Also yesterday a penalty “against” doubt that comes after Maresca’s stoppage last week. Now, it will also be a coincidence and yesterday’s defeat does not admit an alibi, but in so doing it feeds the nefarious virus of conspiracy. What is well known in the capital that risks turning into a mitigating factor for a team that does not deserve it.


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