Milan derby, yet another unfinished Inter: it will also be the strongest but does not win a direct match

Milan derby, yet another unfinished Inter: it will also be the strongest but does not win a direct match
Milan derby, yet another unfinished Inter: it will also be the strongest but does not win a direct match

L’Inter it’s stronger, probably the strongest. We have been telling each other since this summer, when all of them gave it favorites despite the resizing on the market. We confirm it every Sunday, even last night against the Milan. By dint of repeating it, in the end the others will win, the “less strong” ones.

The Milan derby has been yet another unfinished of the first part of the seasonInter from Inzaghi. Who plays, creates, at times even amuses, ma scores little. And at the end does not win almost never. This was also the case with Milan: a very tight match, as it was right that it was in a high-ranking derby, between two teams now of great level. But one more than the other, or so it seemed on the pitch. The Rossoneri confirmed all of the above good said in recent weeks: the pressing feroce, the belief in one’s own means, the ability to resist in difficulties.

But for long stretches of the race they were dominated from Inter: he took over the quality of the Nerazzurri, especially in the middle of the field, but also in the construction from below and more generally in an identity of a team that has been forged for the longest time (the two years of Antonio Conte are still clearly visible). In the first half final and then for good half hour in the second, the formation of Pioli could not help but contain, while Inter collected scoring: not just the second rigor, wrong gives Lautaro, but also the even more serious mistake of the Argentine sills, the volley of Calhanoglu, the two bailouts on the line up Stretcher e Vidal. Yet the Nerazzurri did not manage to break through and almost lost the game in the final (and even the championship, because a defeat yesterday would have been fatal), with the pole of Saelemaekers and the last ones ten minutes vehement of the Rossoneri.

The draw in the end is a result always right in such a tense derby. Reward the Rossoneri for the solidityindeed, they too have recriminations. But Inter can only regret the two points lost. As against the Juventus. Or against theAtalanta. Or with Lazio e Real Madrid, where even a defeat came. There was always a lack of luck. But if it always happens it can’t be just one case. Now the wrong penalty, now the referee’s oversight, theown goal, the episode that runs badly. The constant, however, is that Inzaghi’s Inter does not seem to have the cynicism of the big teams: to score must produce a lot and instead he scores at the wrong time with a disheartening ease.

The situation seemed improved in the past few weeks and there is no doubt that the training has found greater balance compared to the beginning, but arrived at the litmus test, here we go again: another direct confrontation left On the road. Since the beginning of the season Inter he didn’t win one (and in fact the ranking is starting to be alarming). At the resumption there will be another appeal against the Naples, perhaps the last one because to accumulate further delay it could be decisive. In the end, the strongest is only the one who wins.

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