10 things you may not know

After a long wait here it is finally the Bonus term. They leave Monday 8 November applications for the voucher that all Italian citizens of age can request in one of the many centers accredited by Invitalia, the company that manages the bonus on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development.

The resources made available for the measure are equal to 53 million euros and someone already complains that the MISE has made a serious mistake: allowing the spa facilities to collect pre-accessions before 8 November, thus going in some cases already overbooked, as we have explained better here.

However, not all spa facilities are already fully booked, so you can still give it a try.

Spa bonus, how it works

The bonus consists of one 100% discount on the purchase price of the selected spa services, up to a maximum of 200 euros. It is individual, non-transferable and free from the purchase of additional services. Each adult citizen can take advantage of only one bonus and will have 60 days from the date of issue to start treatments.

Be careful because, unlike other bonuses introduced in recent months in support of activities or workers who are stopped due to a pandemic, in this case the bonus application should not be made either to INPS or to the Revenue Agency or to any other state body.

Citizens interested in applying for the Spa Bonus must apply directly to accredited spas. From 12 noon on Monday 8 November, citizens can book the Spa Bonus directly at the spa facilities that have previously been accredited with Invitalia.

The list of spas participating in the initiative is constantly updated on the Invitalia website and can be found here.

10 useful things to know about the Spa Bonus

Here are 10 things that are perhaps not very clear and that instead it is useful to know:

  1. The spa bonus is intended for all adult citizens residing in Italy, without Isee limits. Every citizen has the right to only one bonus, which can be used at the spa that made the reservation.
  2. To receive confirmation of the booking of the bonus, it is the spa that sends the confirmation of the booking to the citizen.
  3. The citizen can choose the services, by contacting the chosen spa, after having obtained the booking confirmation from the spa itself.
  4. Any service provided by an accredited spa is allowed, with the exception of catering and hospitality services. The services allowed include thermal health treatments, diagnostic tests and specialist visits, beauty and wellness treatments
  5. It is possible to use the Spa Bonus to only take advantage of wellness services such as massages or entry to swimming pools.
  6. If a citizen has already benefited from the spa treatments in agreement with the NHS, he can still request the spa bonus. The services already covered by the National Health Service, however, cannot be subject to bonuses.
  7. It bonus is not bound to purchase additional services, such as overnight stays, products, etc., at the spa.
  8. The citizen can also spend less or more than the reserved bonus: if he spends less, the unused sum goes back to the fund; if you spend more, you pay the difference to the spa.
  9. The Bonus can be used up to 200 euros at different times: if the maximum amount of 200 euros is not exceeded with the first use, it is possible to reuse the bonus until the limit amount is reached. However, starting from the first performance you have 45 days to return to the same center. The voucher can in fact be spent several times but always in the same place and on condition that, once the spa services have begun, they are finished within the following 6 weeks.
  10. No expiration date has been set for the Spa Bonus question. Citizens can request the booking of bonuses until the funds run out.


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