“The king of the Italian social hoax” is not credible- Corriere.it

“The king of the Italian social hoax” is not credible- Corriere.it
“The king of the Italian social hoax” is not credible- Corriere.it
from Giuseppe Guastella

But they are opposed to archiving: misinforming cannot be considered lawful. The two rappers stopped with cocaine in the car: the hoax spread by a site in 2017

J-Ax and Fedez arrested with 28 grams of cocaine in the car: the news goes around the web, complete with a series of insults to the two well-known singers. Only completely false, a hoax whose author, however, may not suffer now that the Milan public prosecutor asked for the investigation to be closed for defamation which concerns him because he is a well-known manufacturer of fake news. Disinformation cannot be considered lawful, arises the defense of Fedez, aka Federico Lucia, who opposes the request for archiving.

Perhaps also because it came from the site rollingstone.live, which has a name that refers to the authoritative American music magazine, but with which it has nothing to do, on 8 April 2017 the story that J-Ax and Fedez ended up in handcuffs immediately became viral. It went more or less like this: after taking via Montenapoleone in the wrong direction in Milan in the fashion district, the two rappers had been stopped by the carabinieri who had found coca in their car, all under the eyes of a witness who had declared that J-Ax and Fedez, before being taken to the barracks, had sworn that the drug was not theirs. It was all false, invented from scratch, but J
-Ax and Fedez were forced to make an official denial through the news agency Ansa and then to file a libel suit.

Now the Milanese deputy prosecutor Isabella Samek Lodovici is asking for the investigation to be closed based on article 51 of the criminal code which prevents punishing those who exercise a right. The crime objectively configurable, writes the magistrate to the judge for preliminary investigations, only that the behavior of the suspect, a 38-year-old Umbrian, is not criminally punishable because it is placed in the context of disinformation that often characterizes the field of news dedicated to the so-called gossip with the spectacularization of gossip. The suspect, moreover, who uses bizarre stage names and known as “the king of the Italian social hoax”, has to his credit numerous fake news, that is, events invented with sensationalist headlines. I mean, he shoots them so big that it’s not believable. Basically like a comedian who does satire. What he did, and which he peacefully admitted to the Postal Police, can justify the right to compensation for damage with a civil action, warns the magistrate.

For the lawyers Gabriele Minniti and Andrea Pietrolucci, who assist Federico Lucia, aka Fedez, on the other hand, the false news, having been packaged in such a way as to seem entirely probable, has done very serious damage reaching a considerable number of people who believed it. true. However, the publication of false and disparaging news is never legitimate, say the lawyers who, by resorting to the request for archiving, recall the countless initiatives at national and European level to combat fake news which, through disinformation, are able to influence and direct the opinions, choices and trends of a considerable number of people. And it is worthless that the accused is known as the King of hoaxes, because at the time of the publication of the fake news the authorship of the article was not known. In any case, there can never be a right to disinformation which would cover all the news on the so-called VIPs.

November 8, 2021 (change November 8, 2021 | 07:22)


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