LIVE weather report. Italy hostage of the instability with storms and snow. Situation and forecasts next hours «3B Meteo

LIVE weather report. Italy hostage of the instability with storms and snow. Situation and forecasts next hours «3B Meteo
LIVE weather report. Italy hostage of the instability with storms and snow. Situation and forecasts next hours «3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy

SITUATION. The Mediterranean vortex continues to mark the pace west of the boot and to orchestrate a series of impulses of instability that also affect part of our regions. In particular they are two systems related to it involving the boot at the start of the week, the most active of which involves the southern regions. Another acts towards Sardinia, while on the northeastern regions it is active a front driven by a depression over northeastern Europe which goes as far as the Po Valley, passing through the Friulian Dolomites.

RAIN AND TEMPORALS BETWEEN SICILY AND SOUTH PENINSULA. Particularly involved the western sector of the island between Palermitano, Trapanese and western Agrigento, where there are also pluviometric accumulations superiori a 30mm in the last 12 hours, even if during the night there was a reduction in rainfall. The bulk of the bad weather is concentrated in the early morning of today on the peninsular and Tyrrhenian regions especially in Campania, with well-organized showers that extend from the Gulf of Naples to Casertano and spread to Molise and upper Puglia.

RAIN IN THE NORTHEST, SNOW ON THE FRIULIAN ALPS. Another branch of the perturbation, in this case driven by a depression on north-eastern Europe, acts on the north-east causing rains and showers on Friuli VG, Veneto and Lombardy plains, more insistent on the Udine area where it quickly goes towards 20mm of accumulation pluviometric. And on the Friulian Alps it also snows profusely starting from 700m of altitude with the flakes that fall in wide slopes on Tarvisio also whitening the A23 Alpe-Adria.

SOME REVERSE IN SARDINIA. Close to the center of the vortex, Sardinia is also struggling with a certain instability with some downpours that mainly affect the southern sectors, while thunderstorms are in progress off the Sardinian Sea.

WEATHER NEXT HOURS. In the North it will be good weather to dominate the central-western Alps, while in the plains there will be a cloudy day with scattered rains more frequent in the morning in the Northeast, then between lower Lombardy and central Liguria, but with phenomena that at the same time will tend to diminish in the evening in the Northeast, even with some brightening. Snow on the Friulian Alps from 700m, slightly up during the day. On the initial central regions cleared on the Tyrrhenian side except for thickening on the lower Lazio, more closed skies on the Adriatic. In the day rains and showers will intensify on Marche and Abruzzo and some rains also arriving on Tuscany and Lazio, albeit in a more variable context. The instability in Sardinia intensifies with intermittent showers during the day and thunderstorms arriving in the evening. Even in the South, the weather will be unstable with rains and showers, including thunderstorms, on central-west Sicily, Campania, Lucania, Molise and upper Puglia, locally of strong intensity on Campania and west Sicily where local storms are not excluded; more discontinuous phenomena on the other hand in eastern Sicily, Calabria and Salento even with partial bright spells. For all the details enter the section Weather Italy.

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